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SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS

Welcome to the blog series on SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS

On May 5th, 2016 – Apple announced a new partnership with the world’s biggest Enterprise Software maker – SAP. Ever since this partnership has been the talk of the town in enterprises implementing SAP. About 76% of all business transactions touch an SAP system, so this alliance between SAP and Apple is set to transform the way enterprises interact with SAP systems.

Over the last few years, enterprises of all scales have absorbed the notion of Digital Transformation. Customer experience continues to be pivotal as enterprises adopt digital technology in increasing their revenue generation efficiency. Design thinking continues to grow as a core pillar in achieving high end-user satisfaction. At this point, I can’t imagine a company not leading their projects with Design Thinking Workshops.

SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS enables about 2.5 million developers to build native apps while leveraging the capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) and integrating them with Native iOS features.

As we embark on this transformation journey to provide native iOS applications to large-scale enterprises, we want to capture our exploration and evaluation of the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS in this blog series. Therefore, in this blog series, we build a CRM application for Sales Executives to explore their “Contacts” and then view the “Activity History” for all communications they have sent to their contacts. Here’s what that will look like once you’re finished:

Part 1: Meet the new SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS Assistant

Part 2: Configure SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) mobile services

Part 3: First iOS Fiori Application using EPM demo service

Part 4: Fiori CRM – My Contacts – mini version iOS Fiori Application

Part 5: Fiori CRM – iOS Application with Activity History

Part 6: Authenticating Fiori Apps using Touch ID

And for a non-develeoper’s perspective, please check out Jonathan Bragg’s article: A Non-Developers Guide to getting started with the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS: Part 1

Glance at Fiori Visual Design Template

A quick peek at the design template

SDK for iOS


SDK for iOS

Belize for iOS

SDK for iOS

Stick with us as we walk through the process step by step.

Next:  Meet the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS Assistant


Naveen Rokkam currently leads the Innovation Practice at Mindset. He is responsible for Product Development, research, and Innovation at Mindset. He is a technology evangelist and SAP Practioner with more than a decade experience in developing and implementing new Software Products using SAP. He was part of the Technology Innovation Platform group in SAP Labs and contributed toward the development of Netweaver 8.0, Process Integration and Business ByDesign. His research interests span across Internet-of-Things, Machine Learning, Big Data and Mobile App development.

Source Code

Get started on your SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS experience. Click here to request the full project code


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