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Dev Tip: To learn more about SAP Fiori for iOS SDK, explore the SAP Fiori Mentor app available in the iOS App store.

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Tip of the Week

To learn more about SAP Fiori for iOS SDK, explore the SAP Fiori Mentor app available in the iOS App store.

If you’re looking to get your feet wet with the new SAP Fiori for iOS SDK, a perfect place to start is the SAP Fiori Mentor app. When you first open the application, you will have a lot of choices to begin your learning.
For developers, there are a lot of great resources browsing the “UI Components” section shown at the bottom of the screenshot above. Selecting “See All” will allow you to browse all of the available Fiori iOS components.
Let’s take a look at the contact cell. This is a visually appealing control that has a lot of potential use in Fiori iOS apps and allows us to place calls, send messages, or initiate a FaceTime call. Selecting a particular UI Component will take us to a detail screen that provides a lot of great information.
This screen shows the name, class (FUIContactCell), and SDK where the component was first introduced. The “Styles” section allows us to visualize the different types of contact cells available. You can also toggle the button at the bottom-middle to see what the control will look like on an iPad or iPhone. Perhaps most important, the three buttons on the bottom right provide a lot of information. The right-most button brings up settings for the given control, allowing us to customize properties, which will be reflected in the sample control on the screen.
The middle button shows us a screenshot of the control in a sample application. The left-most of the three buttons is where the real magic happens. That will pull up source code for the given control, including any custom settings you may have played around with.
From there, it’s simple to copy + paste into an application or email to yourself for future use.Happy coding!



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