You May Have Heard of NetWeaver Business Client?

SAP GUI, the SAP user interface client that for years or even decades, is basically known for being ugly, and just getting the job done. ...

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SAP GUI, the SAP user interface client that for years or even decades, is basically known for being ugly, and just getting the job done.


After all this time, there would seem a lot of interest in delivering a modern, simple, light and fast replacement for this legacy client. SAP tries to answer with the NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC). Here is how SAP describes this new product:

What is NetWeaver Business Client?

The SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) is a rich desktop client that offers a unified environment for and a single point of entry to SAP applications. It provides a solution for hosting classical dynpros (SAP GUI UIs), Web Dynpro applications, BSP pages, portal pages, and other content. You can use the SAP NWBC either with or without the portal depending on whether you want to access ABAP back ends directly or not.

The SAP NWBC also supports generic desktop functions, like drag and drop, popup windows, and so on through the utilization of the corresponding APIs. The result is an efficient, modern and attractive client environment ideally suited to the power user.


Most people talk about NWBC as a fancy new client that replaces SAPGUI. This isn’t true.

Here are some issues with NWBC:

  • Requires Enhancement Package 2 of SAP.
  • Requires a significant amount of effort to install.
  • The download is over 500MB!
  • The user still needs SAP GUI installed.
  • It only works on Windows with Internet Explorer.

Why is SAP still tying users to Windows and Internet Explorer with huge downloads? Why not utilize a light, browser-independent, fast, zero-footprint environment that can satisfy all users? Why not phase out any form of thick client application?

The path that customers want is clear. Will SAP ever figure this out?

Gavin Quinn

Gavin Quinn

Gavin Quinn is an industry thought leader and has a relentless commitment to making the SAP user experience simple, mobile, and beautiful. Gavin is the founder and chief architect of Mindset Consulting and has over 15 years of experience leading SAP projects for Fortune 1000 companies, internationally-renowned health care organizations, and government agencies. He got his start in UX design with SAP NetWeaver Portal and has quickly evolved to include mobile design using SAP Fiori and other web-friendly technologies. Most recently, his focus has been SAP ERP, SAP HANA, and SAP Fiori. Gavin is a regular blogger and speaker on the topics of mobility and SAP Fiori.

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