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Working From Home on SAP Projects: Tips for Staying Productive

Working from home on large SAP projects is nothing new. But with the COVID-19 Coronavirus shocking the workplace, it’s more important than ever to find ways to be productive at home.

Here are the tips we have shared with Mindset’s SAP Consultants:

Video Conferencing

Use Zoom Video or another video conferencing system as much as possible. This system from DTEN D7 is really cool. We believe that building deep relationships with coworkers is crucial to building high performing teams and if you can’t be in person, you need to do the next best thing. We encourage using Zoom for every group meeting, for daily stand-ups, and even 1:1’s. Some people don’t want to go on video because they are in their PJ’s maybe? We encourage still showering, getting dressed and still being a professional while at home. You’ll probably feel a lot better too.


Try to create an office “space” even if you don’t have a separate room. Block out distractions at home. Is that laundry staring you in the face? Or a toddler? Make written plans for how you will stay focused and commit to them. This will obviously be a challenge, but it’s critical. Communicate to your family your boundaries and what they should expect of you.


Use collaboration software like Slack and be present. Say hi to people when you sign in the morning, and say g’night when you sign off. Demonstrate to people you are available to help. Of course, go on do-not-disturb if you have some critical thinking to do, but it’s important not to disappear for hours on end when working remotely.


Please use the mute button though if you are on a call and kids are in the background!


Increase your internet bandwidth or make sure you have a rock-solid connection. Consider letting consultants or employees expense high-speed internet during this time.


Get an extra big monitor, laptops can hurt your neck after a while. An amazing headset will also do wonders.

Block Time

Block time for team collaboration/development. At Mindset, after we do daily stand-ups we often block two hours for teams to work together on issues globally, then the rest of the day is used for individual work.


Consider setting up a budget for food delivery or treats like Bitesquad. Try to make the perks at home closer to the perks in the office.


Get out for a walk or lunch or exercise with a Peloton? Just because you are at home, doesn’t mean you need to sit all day in an office. I really enjoy going to lunch with colleagues or customers or going on a walk for fresh air while at work, so don’t stop doing that just because you aren’t in the office.

Limit Facebook

Don’t stare at internet feeds of Coronavirus announcements all day. :) That’s a little distracting…


Anytime you are about t0 e-mail someone, determine if instead, you could call them or video conference with them.


Think of all the great things you can do with the time saved commuting! Consider learning something new like creating a Great User Experience with SAP S/4HANA. (We’re hiring!).


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