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For me, one of the best things about working at Mindset is the work-life balance that it offers.  Work-life balance is an important ...

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For me, one of the best things about working at Mindset is the work-life balance that it offers.  Work-life balance is an important factor for many people when taking stock of their current company or in considering new opportunities.  Maintaining a good balance between work and personal life reduces stress, which in turn can improve mental health, physical health, and it helps to keep you fresh at work- avoiding burnout.  Also from the employer side, maintaining a culture of work-life balance helps to retain good people!

At Mindset, we love to hire passionate people.  That applies not only to passion about work, but it also applies to passion outside of work.  Passionate people create a work environment that is fun, interesting and diverse in ideas. Here at Mindset, we are passionate about making your software experience significantly better at work.  We are also passionate about working with the best SAP talent out there. Outside of our professional passion, we have people here at Mindset that are passionate about travel, family, running, yoga, pets, baseball, cooking, the MN Vikings, trying out new restaurants, reading, volunteering, and so much more!  The great thing about Mindset is that we have the flexibility and are encouraged to pursue our passions outside of work, and I think that makes us all the more motivated while we are at work.  

I don’t think there is such a thing as a perfect work-life balance.  I think there will be times that work is more important and there will be times where things outside of work needs more attention.  It’s all about the pursuit of trying to maintain a balance that is comfortable for you.

Working for a company that understands that, makes life so much better!  For me, I’m a new mama, so my newest passion is my son Carter. Mindset has been an incredible and supportive place for me to come back to work!  


And here’s a photo of my baby boy for reference 🙂

Libby Kessler

Libby Kessler

Libby Kessler is the Director of Recruiting at Mindset with over 9 years of technical recruiting experience. She loves being a part of a growing organization in the SAP space, and she enjoys building relationships and working with the SAP talent community. Libby recruits for the Consulting Services Team, the Solutions Team, and internally for Mindset. Outside of work, she is a new mama to her son, Carter. She loves spending time with friends and family, yoga, and getting outside!

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