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What I’m looking forward to most this Spring

This spring is going to be unlike any other.  Of course, I’m not talking about the weather – here in Minnesota the unpredictability of the weather in April and May is as normal as it gets – I’m of course talking about how we’re continuing to cope and adjust to the ongoing changes associated with COVID-19.  Here are a few key things that I’m looking forward to:


A return to “normal”?

Of course, no one knows what normal will be, but there are at least, for the first time, some signs that we can safely get back to some of the things that we’ve had to give up for the past year plus.  Some of these are on the personal side – I’m particularly looking forward to a full Little League season – and many are professional.  We’re beginning a staged back-to-the-office plan in May, and I’m really looking forward to it.  We had been in our new, purpose-built office (complete with a dedicated SAP AppHaus-certified design space) for about 4 weeks when we went work from home.  I’m really excited about being back in our space that inspires creativity, working more closely with a great team that I’ve missed a lot, and hopefully soon, getting our customers in-house to create some amazing solutions.


Meet people IRL

In the year since we’ve been remote, we’ve added a significant number of new resources to our team, and I’ve met virtually none of them face-to-face.  Video calls are better than nothing, but they’re no substitute for getting to know someone when you’re sitting across the desk from them.  I can’t wait to build and grow really great relationships with the amazing people that we’ve continued to add to our team.  We’ve got a great culture, and I want our team (and customers) to be able to experience it properly.

This goes for our customers, too – we’re a company that heavily values relationships (it’s one of our core values!), and we’ve not been able to do that as effectively with our customers during this period either – I’m extremely excited to be able to get back to that safely.

And, hopefully, if things continue to improve, we’ll get a chance to visit India and welcome in the team that we brought on board there this year in person.


Continue to solve big, hairy, interesting problems

Last but certainly not least, we’re seeing a lot of projects that were on the deferral list during an uncertain economic year start to come back to life.  As we’ve continued to grow our team of talent, and expand our service offerings, we now have more ability than ever before to help our customers achieve even more value from their SAP investments.  Our team has done an amazing job of innovating and creating value remotely, and remote work will continue to be a big part of the norm going forward, but there is also something very satisfying about sitting in a room with our customers, rolling up our sleeves, and mapping out a creative solution on a big, physical whiteboard with real markers that dispense real ink.  That’s going to be fun.

What are you most looking forward to?


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Luke Van Epern oversees the Solutions Delivery practice at Mindset, following 12+ years of experience implementing enterprise software solutions at large IT companies in the Twin Cities. He uses the perspective he gained as a member of "Big IT" to help Mindset's customers find ways to disrupt their status quo, and to build a delivery organization that can regularly exceed customer expectations.

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