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What Business Leaders Need to Know and Do Now about Enterprise Sustainability

FaiAt Mindset, I have been leading our Sustainability Task Force to innovate in helping enterprise businesses become more sustainable.  Much of the focus is breaking down this immense challenge into accomplishable tasks.  While many enterprises have started their sustainability initiatives, it’s an ongoing effort meaning there will not be a finish and the effort can seem limitless. Knowing this, there are ways to approach it so you can see a difference and make progress:

1. Understand Your Organization’s Sustainability Ambition

The United Nations has published a Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Ambition Guide, but some of my key takeaways lie on understanding the propensity for action, accountability,  and feasibility of outlined goals

  • Firstly, it is proven that enterprises that started a decade ago, have made an impact.  We need to leverage their learnings for greater participation across all industries and all levels of every organization.
  • Secondly, what impacts can you strive for immediate, short, and mid-terms?
  • Finally, is sustainability embedded in your organization in some, most, or all matters?

2. Understand your Resources & Networks

  • Firstly, do you have a Chief Sustainability Officer?
  • Secondly, do you have a Sustainability Office, and what areas are they focusing on, what areas are they not?
  • Who is responsible for sustainability in every department?
  • What are your business networks doing?
  • What can you leverage from your network? Industry? Competitors?
  • Finally, where can you get help?

3. Understand your Sustainability Operations 

  • Firstly, how do you measure Greenhouse Gases (GHG) or CO2e (equivalents)  in your organization?
  • Secondly, what standards and metrics do you use?
  • Understand your Suppliers products.  This is one of the most impactful areas in your sustainability value chain.
  • Inbound and outbound transportation makes a difference.  How are your products shipped? Do you know a way to ship or pack more sustainably?
  • How can you be more sustainable in your production process?
  • Finally, sustainability efforts have a cost, however, innovation to attract and retain customers will also involve sustainability awareness to your customers.

4. Understand your Systems and Analytic Capability

  • Firstly, what information do you have to make better sustainability decisions?
  • Secondly, what information do you not have?
  • Make your company’s analytics capability a margin buster.
  • Make sure to have a Green Line in your Margin Forecasting.
  • Create new capabilities.  Most companies are immature in Sustainability Analytics, even basic directional information makes huge impacts.
  • Innovate your sustainability initiative to create new business value.
  • Leverage Modern BI, Data Science, and SAP Analytics Cloud to find new sustainability insights.
  • Finally, innovate your compliance reporting.  Regulatory mandates can help fund sustainability innovation in your organization.

Please reach out to me on your interest in:

  • Firstly, Participation/Collaboration
  • Secondly, Agile Sustainability Toolkit
  • Sustainability Roundtable Discussions
  • Podcasts regarding Sustainability
  • Sustainability Advisory with SAP
  • MXDP solutions
  • LCA & Emissions DB integration
  • Sustainability Analytics
  • Sustainability Machine Learning Models
  • Finally, Sustainability Compliance & Reporting

Awareness and Interest lead to Community and a Sustainability Impact!


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As a Principal Architect at Mindset, I have embarked on one of the most exciting, challenging, daunting, and noble initiatives I have ever done. For most of 2021, I have focused my energies and background around Enterprise Strategy & Operations, Data & Product Management, Research & Academia, and SAP innovation on helping make organizations more SUSTAINABLE.

I want to collaborate with my friends, colleagues, customers, students, the United Nations, and all the global communities on this Sustainability Experience.

Please see some of the steps we are taking and I seek your participation and collaboration in this critical journey.

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