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Welcome Kevin Endres

Mindset is excited to welcome Kevin to the team! He is our newest Business Development Representative. Kevin Endres brings with him great experience in finding really challenging problems at potential customers, and his passionate approach aligns perfectly with the creative, innovative approach that we take with our customers at Mindset.

Kevin Endres grew up in St. Paul, MN, and still resides here in the Twin Cities. He loves spending time outdoors, particularly trout fishing and hiking on the north shore of Lake Superior.  He’s also an eternal optimist and life-long Minnesota sports fan who enjoys catching a game with family and friends.


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Luke Van Epern oversees the Solutions Delivery practice at Mindset, following 12+ years of experience implementing enterprise software solutions at large IT companies in the Twin Cities. He uses the perspective he gained as a member of "Big IT" to help Mindset's customers find ways to disrupt their status quo, and to build a delivery organization that can regularly exceed customer expectations.

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