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Jose Ruz: Jose Ruz!

Mindset is happy to welcome Jose Ruz to the Solutions team! Jose is joining us as a Full Stack SAP Developer.

Jose has 10 years of technical experience in SAP solutions and other programming technologies. He has participated in SAP implementations across multiple countries and verticals. Further, some of these include utilities, retail, manufacturing, and the public sector. He considers himself not only a developer,  but also a technical enabler, helping companies implement, embrace and improve SAP technologies by programming new functionalities, designing processes, and enhancing the overall user experience across all SAP platforms. More than anything, he enjoys the process of solving problems.

In joining Mindset Jose shared that he is most excited about the opportunity to diversify his skills and collaborate with amazing professionals to whom he has always looked up to.

When he’s not working, he’s usually enjoying his time outdoors with his wife, Yuly, exercising or biking near their home in South Florida. If he wasn‘t a software guy, he would be a cook. As Jose says, “I’m Cuban and Cuban stereotypes are real I love coffee, laughing, and baseball. I consider myself a people person.

You can reach Jose at or


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Marin Baltes is Director of Operations at Mindset. Her main role is to put a support structure in place at each of our Solutions clients to ensure teams have everything they need to make their project a success. Marin brings a wealth of experience from both consulting and industry to the table, priding herself on having the ability to clearly communicate and empathize with our clients to make sure their goals, expectations, and logistical considerations are all in alignment. When she's not in the office, you can find Marin traveling, doing yoga, and spending time with her family.

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