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Ways to Stay Productive When Looking for your Next SAP Project

Looking for ways to fill some time between projects? Here is a list of ideas and why they will help you not only fill some time but advance your career:

Take the time to get certified in something you have always wanted to!

Not only will this make you feel productive while you look for a new job, but it will keep your skills relevant. From a recruiter’s standpoint, I love hearing consultants tell me about the certificates they are working towards. It shows me they have a strong work ethic and care about their career development. Hiring managers will appreciate this too. Companies are investing in the most cutting-edge technologies and hiring top talent to implement these technologies is a large part of their investment. This will help you stand out on your resume and your next interview.

Catch up on your reading with some personal development books:

It’s no secret reading keeps your mind sharp, even if it is just a few minutes a day. Most personal development books emphasize the importance of having a positive mindset. Reading these kinds of books can give you newfound confidence in yourself and motivation to stay on track. Staying positive can be difficult during these trying times, but it is crucial when you are trying to find your next gig.

Revamp your resume:

Having time off is the perfect time to make updates to your resume. If you are a consultant, keep in mind that every project you have worked on was unique. Avoid repeating the same job responsibilities on each individual project. Recruiters and hiring managers come across a lot of generic resumes, so try to personalize it by using your own words when explaining your role/responsibilities on your resume.


Networking can go a long way when looking for your next project. When you are actively searching, be sure to tell people you are available. Recruiters reach out to their networks all the time to see if they know of someone with a certain skill set who is looking. Getting a referral from someone we trust makes things a lot easier when deciding who to submit to our clients. This will help you get off the market in no time.

The market is tough right now, but the good news is, people are still getting hired. It takes time and patience. I believe if you stay persistent and take advantage of your downtime, you will be able to find something. If you are an SAP consultant looking for your next project, I would love to hear from you!


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Ashlee Jacob is an SAP Recruiter at Mindset Consulting. She's passionate about helping people reach positive outcomes and loves being able to connect great talent with opportunities that will help them grow professionally. She enjoys getting to know the SAP talent community and has quickly realized how they're just as excited about cutting edge technology as we are at Mindset. Outside of work, Ashlee can be found hosting friends and family, playing with her 2 Boxers (Addy and Jaymo), going to concerts, biking, hiking, and ice fishing to make MN winters more bearable.

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