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Vegas Fun at SAP d-code 2014

This week is going to be fun.

SAP d-code

I’ve just arrived in sunny Las Vegas for the start of my first, and decidedly most important SAP D. Code.

Formerly Tech Ed, and still the name everyone has conversationally decided to use, this conference promises to inspire thousands developers and technologists to build out the next generation of enterprise software for SAP. At a time when, Workday, and behemoths like Google are disrupting this software space on a weekly basis, SAP needs these people more than ever. And at Mindset, this is where we are excited to play a critical role as a development partner.

This week marks our official public launch of CloudSimple. Our first officially certified (by Google and SAP) product that will finally enable Google Apps to easily work with SAP, and can be purchased on the SAP Store. Is there any better or more exciting place to deliver a breakthrough solution than this? It’s been an incredibly enjoyable year, and I couldn’t be more proud of our product, and the amazingly skilled and determined team behind it, lead by Paul Modderman.

SAP and Google have both been incredibly excited about CloudSimple, and I can see why. Google, trying to enter the large enterprise market with a bang, now has a tool for customers of SAP, which has more of an enterprise market share than anyone in the world. And SAP, trying to move quickly into SaaS and remain relevant in this increasingly fast-paced technology era, now has a tool to embrace Google, the largest and fastest growing cloud productivity software maker anywhere.

Our calendars are nearly all booked up with excited potential customers, meetings with our partners, and a series of interviews, networking sessions, and demonstrations. All this work may put a damper on the fun of Vegas, but we will still find a way I’m sure.

If you’re at D. Code this week, you should come by and check this out.

Wine Tasting: 7:00 PM Double Helix at the Palazzo (sponsored by Mindset)

Networking session: 3:30 PM Tuesday –

Demonstration: 4:30 PM Wednesday –

For more details or to contact us, go to

Or connect with me on LinkedIn:

We’re looking forward to meeting some great thinkers, and finding the next big thing this week!


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