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Understanding SAP BTP and its Services

For organizations interested in turning data into business opportunities by leveraging analytics, intelligent technologies (AI), automation, integration, and application development in one unified environment, you need no further than SAP BTP. SAP BTP is an open, business-focused, multi-cloud platform that gives you everything you need to make confident decisions and drive continuous innovations. SAP can provide all that functionality on the infrastructure of your choice. First, let’s look at what SAP BTP is comprised of. It’s a portfolio of SAP products, services, and solutions under one umbrella. An evolving platform, SAP is working toward ensuring that all services will be available in all regions and data centers by all hyper scaler providers.

Image Source: SAP TechED 2022

The SAP Business Technology Platform is a comprehensive solution for businesses that want to streamline operations, optimize processes, and create a superior digital experience for their customers. The platform provides various services and components designed to enable, facilitate, and accelerate the development of business applications and other platform services. These services and components are packaged as a bill of materials, which allows businesses to run their missions and achieve their objectives effectively.

With its wide range of features and functionalities, businesses can streamline their operations, automate their processes, and create a more efficient and effective workplace.

With SAP BTP, you will not start from scratch but with predefined business content.

It contains 250+ RPA bots, 5500+ CDS views, 70+ process visibility packages, 280+ SAP application events, 50+ workflow packages, 20 ready-to-use business services, 100+ decision and business rules, 170+ third-party products, and over 2500 integration scenarios.

To learn about the cooperation between SAP and the other Hyperscalers such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, or Alibaba and the opportunities offered for your organization, here is the list of all the SAP BTP Services (94) as of today, Feb 2023. I’ve consolidated it into a simple table to give you an overview of all the available services and their respective supported Hyperscalers.

Note: The services highlighted in red either retire soon or the capabilities can be found under new services. For example, SAP iRPA(intelligent Robotic Process Automation) capabilities are now under SAP BPA (Business Process Automation).

Additional services will be added, so instead of depending on the above list for the available services, we’ll show you how to find them.

Go to the SAP Discovery Center – Services – click on New & Featured services, Always Free & Free Tier Services from the services list in the left-hand navigation menu.

Alternatively, you can filter based on the License Model, Regions, and/or Provider to see the list of services available for your selection. This is done on the Services catalog page by clicking the Show Filters button and selecting from the Commercial Model, Provider, and Regions options.

Below are the regions and infrastructure providers to know about the availability of SAP BTP Services. It is essential because when you create SAP BTP accounts, you must choose your hyperscalers provider and region as a first step, as not all services run in every data centre. This is to provide customers with flexibility and freedom of choice.

The data centers hosting SAP BTP services possess certifications like ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 and attestations like SOC 1 SSAE 18, SOC 1 Type 2, and SOC 2 type 2. The SAP BTP service environments have sophisticated network security measures, dependable data backup plans, and embedded compliance, integrity, and confidentiality features. For more information on security, privacy, compliance, agreements, and related topics, please check, which can be shared with your audit team.

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