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Three Ways the Fiori App Analyzer Can Support & Improve Your Fiori Instance

Imagine having a dashboard tool that monitors your company’s Fiori Application usage and performance in real-time. Enter Mindset’s Fiori App analyzer, the customizable, card-based Fiori application that offers a clear view into how your Fiori applications are being used. Poorly performing applications can disrupt employee workflows, hinder productivity, and impact employee satisfaction. The Fiori App analyzer can help stop issues in their tracks and proactively manage Fiori application performance. 

Here are three ways the Fiori App analyzer can support and improve your Fiori instance:


Empowered Decision Making 

The Fiori App Analyzer plays a crucial role in fostering empowered decision-making within an organization. By providing in-depth insights and real-time data, this powerful dashboard tool equips decision-makers with what they need to make informed, strategic choices. The key data captured in the Fiori App Analyzer dashboard includes: 

  • Total active users 
  • Browser types utilized 
  • Device types utilized 
  • Voice of the Employee Feedback 
  • Most recent errors 
  • App views 
  • Average loading time 
  • Global activity 

With the vast amount of data related to user insights, app usage patterns, and system performance, decision-makers can leverage this data to gain a deep understanding of who is using the applications, when they are using the applications, and how. This makes it easy to highlight the areas where pain points or optimization issues may be impacting an organization. 


Real-time data monitoring

Once installed, Mindset’s Fiori App Analyzer’s real-time monitoring of an organization’s SAP Fiori instance can provide immediate issue identification. This allows the business to identify issues as they occur. Whether it is a slowdown in application performance, errors with a specific application, or unexpected user behavior, immediate detection of these issues can help product owners and basis admins gather insights to address problems before they get worse proactively. 


Receive Instant Employee Feedback

With the assistance of Mindset’s Voice of the Employee application, the Fiori App Analyzer offers numerous benefits, providing organizations with valuable insights into user experiences, preferences, and pain points. This platform for instant feedback demonstrates that an organization values employees’ opinions. This option for employees to engage fosters a sense of ownership and involvement amongst employees, making them feel heard and appreciated. In addition to the real-time data monitoring and insights gathered on the dashboard alone, the employee feedback collected can give even deeper insights into issues occurring in real-time. This can lead to a more timely resolution of problems and foster a positive work environment to boost employee morale. 

In the dynamic and ever-changing SAP landscape, the upkeep of any Fiori instance can be daunting. However, with the implementation of Mindset’s Fiori App Analyzer, product owners and basis admins have the power to identify actionable insights to drive app enhancements and platform stability. The last noteworthy aspect of the Fiori App Analyzer is that these powerful features are free. 

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Annabelle Schwab is a product owner at Mindset Consulting and has 6 years of experience in customer experience and product management. She is passionate about understanding end user needs and helping the team build the right things at the right time. When she’s not collaborating with her team to find creative solutions, she can be found on her bike in the mountains or around the city. If she’s not on her bike, you can find her at home with a good book and a record playing.

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