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The Importance of Loving Where You Work!

The importance of really loving where you work is hard to measure.  Below you will find my top 5 reasons why I think Mindset is a great place to work:


I have the people first because to me this is the most important piece.  We spend more hours with these people than we do with our families a lot of times.  Since day one at Mindset, everyone been warm and welcoming to me. Aside from the people being fun and friendly, there are a lot of really talented people here who help push and motivate each other.  Over time I think we have all gotten closer in our efforts to continue to grow Mindset and hit our individual goals!

If you are not challenged and excited about the work you do day in and day out it makes for a long and dreadful experience.  Mindset has provided an environment where not only are we challenged in many ways as salespeople but also get to work on a lot of exciting projects that have a real impact! Being that we are a growing company we get to wear many hats and learn things you may not be exposed to at a larger company. I think this experience is invaluable as it gives you perspective for people in other roles both internally and externally. Being able to put yourself in the other person’s shoes can help in any profession and in everyday life!

Making an Impact
I think one thing everyone looks for in a job is to be able to find some satisfaction that at the end of the day their role is making an impact.  I have had jobs in the past where no matter what I did, good or bad, it didn’t seem like it mattered. That type of environment was really discouraging to me because it gave me no incentive to continue to get better.  At Mindset, each person can see their direct impact on the company day in and day out and I think it inspires people to really to be bought in and focused on individual and company goals.

The space in which you work can really make a difference.  At Mindset, we are lucky to have an amazing space to come and work every day. Not only is the office atmosphere fun and modern but we have a great location and tons of amenities that most companies would kill for!

Ability to Learn and Grow
Being able to learn and grow throughout my career is extremely important to me.  Mindset not only gives me a chance to learn about new cutting-edge technologies but also the ability to grow as a professional.  As I said before we are able to wear many hats at Mindset and it helps me to grow and expand my knowledge base each and every day.  Also, we work in an environment where we are always looking at the latest and greatest technologies and how they can tie into what we do. Just being able to listen and be present with some of the amazingly talented people we have has helped me learn things I never thought I would know!  


Overall, I think loving what you do and where you work is hugely important and I couldn’t be happier to be with Mindset!

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