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The DemoJam Journey: Design – Development Phase

Less than two weeks to go until this year’s DemoJam at SAP TechEd, and Mindset’s DemoJam team is busy putting the finishing touches to their demo. I again caught up with Ravi and Vikas to see how it was going. As I sat down with the team and got chatting, their excitement was palpable.

K: We are at the final leg of this journey now. How is the development process going?

R: So far, it has been very smooth. The app development is near completion. Our team has worked very hard on it, sometimes working overtime to incorporate every innovative idea we come up with.

K: How long are the sprints? How often are you meeting?

V: We have had 5 sprints. Each sprint is 2 weeks long. 

We meet on a daily basis because the front end is heavily dependent on the back end. Usually, the team meets twice a day; one being a scrum call, the other where the internal team syncs on achievements and blockers.

K: Were there any unexpected adjustments made during the development phase?

V: There always is. There were quite a few iterations to the prototype that came out of our Design Thinking process. Some major changes were made, some minor. In one instance, we had to change the back-end table structure, the GenAI requests, and responses based on expert feedback.

K: What is the end goal of the product?

R: The end goal is to achieve healthy food options outside one’s home based on their dietary preferences and restrictions. 

K: How are you preparing for the presentation on stage?

V: We will use a use case to address certain pain points people have while dining out. We have daily rehearsals of the presentation. We are ready and raring to go!

K: What are you most enjoying about this process?

R: We love the fact that we are developing a product that will address a real-world problem. People with strict dietary restrictions or preferences usually think twice before they dine out. What is most fun about this process, though, is working on different SAP BTP services and of course, Generative AI.

K: This sounds very interesting. Thank you for sharing with me. Can’t wait to see your final presentation at DemoJam 2023. All the best!


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