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The Mindset Difference

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Enterprise solutions paired with human-centered delivery is our X Factor

When people are given enterprise class tools that work, amazing things happen. Engagement rises. Productivity soars. There’s increased efficiency and ROI.
When you combine that focus with the power of SAP, remarkable outcomes become standard.

By putting people at the center of everything we build, we deliver SAP outcomes that engage employees, ease frustrations and enriche the bottom line.
Let Mindset help you optimize your SAP ecosystem and reimagine your enterprise experiences in a way that changes everything.


Our SAP Expertise is Unparalleled and Innovation is part of our DNA

When you engage with Mindset it’s a totally different experience than your typical tech services company. The key is our focus on

  • Exceptional User Experiences
  • More than a decade focused on honing the highest level SAP skills

The results are outcomes not even approached by standard tech firms. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients on thousands of projects. We’re ready to help define a path to help make your vision a reality.


Visit us Virtually or in person in Minneapolis

Mindset is a certified SAP Apphaus. Our Apphaus experience is focused on helping organizations target the most important component for success: Happy end users. Mindset’s Apphaus services utilize a design led and user-centric approach that guarantees that your end solution will meet your business objectives while delighting end users in the process. We love helping our clients see remarkable value from their technology investments and take their next strategic leaps the Apphaus experience is key to those outcomes.

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Mindset Sustainability

Helping to Deliver a responsible future

Along with SAP, Mindset is committed to help our clients to make the world a better place for ourselves and future generations.

We’re partnering with organizations around the globe on their initiatives related to:

  • Global Climate initiatives (Zero emissions)
  • Zero Waste (Circular Economy)
  • Social Responsibility
  • Holistic Steering and Reporting
Find out how the right mindset can unlock potential and transform your enterprise.
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