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Simplifying Integration: Accessing APIs from On-Premise SAP Systems through SAP BTP

Navigating the digital landscape of an organization often involves bridging the gap between on-premise SAP systems and a growing number of cloud-based applications. This integration challenge requires a robust solution. Here, the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) comes into play, and Mindset Consulting, with its extensive SAP UX expertise, is poised to guide you on this transformative journey.

The Challenge: Integrating in a Hybrid Landscape

As more organizations adopt cloud-based applications to accelerate their digital transformation, the need for a seamless connection between on-premise systems and the cloud intensifies. This hybrid environment requires a solution that can facilitate an efficient and secure data flow across systems, ensuring business processes function optimally.

The Solution: SAP BTP

SAP BTP is designed to meet the challenge of integrating on-premise SAP systems and third-party solutions with cloud-based applications head-on. The Integration Suite under SAP BTP is a comprehensive toolset capable of orchestrating end-to-end process integration across your organization’s landscape.

Why Mindset Consulting?

Mindset Consulting is a leader in the SAP UX consulting landscape. Additionally, Mindset Consulting has a proven track record of helping organizations navigate complex IT ecosystems. Our proficiency in SAP technologies and commitment to unlocking the full potential of your SAP systems make us the ideal partner for your integration journey.

Navigating the Integration Process with SAP BTP

At Mindset Consulting, we can guide you through the technical details of integrating your on-premise SAP system with SAP BTP:

Setting Up the SAP Cloud Connector (SCC)

The SCC provides a secure bridge between your on-premise systems and SAP BTP. We guide you through the installation and configuration process, ensuring your systems are perfectly aligned.

Exposing the Back-End System

Our experts assist in defining your back-end system in SCC, ensuring your on-premise SAP system is ready for integration.

Managing Network Mapping

We simplify the process of creating cloud-to-on-premise connectivity by mapping your on-premise system’s network segment.

Harnessing API Management

We guide you through the API Management service’s utilization; from setting up and securing your API Proxy, to managing and optimizing its performance.

Mindset Consulting, paired with the powerful capabilities of the SAP BTP Integration Suite, ensures your digital transformation journey is seamless. By transforming the complexities of hybrid system integration into a smooth and efficient process, we help drive more value from your SAP investments. Therefore, powering business growth. Trust Mindset Consulting to guide you through the intricacies of integration, paving the way for a robust, interconnected future.


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Matthew Whigham is a Technical Architect at Mindset and a BTP Expert. He leverages his broad SAP technical experience to bring simple and effective products to market. His career began in ABAP development and quickly transitioned to SAPUI5 focused solutions. The user-experience is the primary focus of Matthew's application development and fits in really well with the Mindset Products mantra; Easy to use, easy to love.

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