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I’ll start with a few photos from the 48th floor of the 10 Hudson Yard Design Lab: Entrance:   One of several design ...

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I’ll start with a few photos from the 48th floor of the 10 Hudson Yard Design Lab:



One of several design spaces:


I assume a place to sit and dream up big ideas?

Lounge, bar, drum set (I assume for @UXSamYen?)

Toros Aledjian from SAP has been arranging these events every couple of months, and this was the best one yet. The primary focus is educating and empowering SAP customers to create remarkable user experience changes in their enterprise.

A few highlights (from the brochure):

  1. Understand why Fiori matters.
  2. Where do you start.
  3. Building apps in the cloud.
  4. Understanding all the tools.
  5. Learn to use all of the cloud.
  6. Networking with other customers, partners, and SAP thought leaders.

Also, by far the best snack table of any event:

I also shared my tips on how some of the biggest companies in the world are making innovation happen:

Other personal highlights for me were my friend David Ramsey’s discussion of building an innovation culture, Renee’s introduction to machine learning with SAP Leonardo, and a great follow-up discussion where we contrasted usability on some of the competitors, and also Abdul Mohamed’s introduction to the next generation of CoPilot (SAP’s digital assistant).

I should also mention SAP BUILD is making great strides thanks to Ben Ceaser, and Peter Spielvogel is always brilliant describing the automation potential of SAP Screen Personas.

Some of my notes from those discussions I think worth mentioning:

  • Several speakers discussed how User Experience can truly drive innovation. Discovering innovation opportunities through Design Thinking is ideal. (I also shared this view)
  • To start with Machine Learning you don’t need to be a data scientist. SAP is working on models for bring your own data, bring your own model, or the baseline tools, which are basically TensorFlow on SCP.
  • Everyone should try BUILD right away. It’s free for up to 5 models. I wonder if there is a nice diagram for when to transition from paper prototypes, to digital prototypes, to higher quality digital, to mock-code, to actual code? Seems like a lot of ways to go here.
  • CoPilot has a ton of potential. It’s basically Alexa or Siri for SAP, but with business content and context knowledge. I asked if we could simply use Slack or Alexa or a device for this, and Abdul speculated that it could be possible. We also discussed the issue of bots and discoverability. i.e. how do I know what to ask it?
  • SAP Screen Personas is continuing to be very customer-friendly and adaptive. I think anyone who wants a quick fix and automation should give this a shot.

Aside from checking out 10 Hudson Yard, part of the fun of going to New York is the food and scenery. Thanks to Elisa for the restaurant recommendation, Joseph Leonard (and sorry for being late):

Looking forward to next time, maybe in Palo Alto?

Gavin Quinn

Gavin Quinn

Gavin Quinn is an industry thought leader and has a relentless commitment to making the SAP user experience simple, mobile, and beautiful. Gavin is the founder and chief architect of Mindset Consulting and has over 15 years of experience leading SAP projects for Fortune 1000 companies, internationally-renowned health care organizations, and government agencies. He got his start in UX design with SAP NetWeaver Portal and has quickly evolved to include mobile design using SAP Fiori and other web-friendly technologies. Most recently, his focus has been SAP ERP, SAP HANA, and SAP Fiori. Gavin is a regular blogger and speaker on the topics of mobility and SAP Fiori.

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