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Sapphire NOW Keynote Perceptions from someone new to the SAP Ecosystem

SAP configures cloud solutions with the all-new Business Process Intelligence for  SAP Process Insights.  I am a month old in the SAP ecosystem & I see possibilities with technology. A technology beyond tomorrow. 

Having just joined Mindset and with that change entering the SAP ecosystem I was very excited to see Keynote this week at my frst Sapphire. The session underscored the atypical conditions of the last year and how those conditions helped to drive some of the changes that SAP unveiled. The session highlightd the strides made in making the SAP cloud platform a code-free solution,  and outlined how SAP Upscale brings the Direct-to-consumer engagement with ZERO hassles. For Retailers & eCommerce businesses, these changes offer a renaissance.

Madhu Shalini.K. streams content for content curation, case studies, social media & research. Currently, she is serving Mindset Consulting as a Content Development Executive. Her affiliation with content so far includes OTT, entertainment & media industry. Blogging and painting are her eternal forte.

Digital marketing & social media dynamics are her current projects. She is a cross-functional team deliverer for driving new content. Madhu is a design enthusiast & an artist in her downtime.

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