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SAP Tech Ed Barcelona Recap

I’m back to Barcelona in less than a year, I feel very lucky.

Aside from viewing the beautiful architecture, having some vino tinto, and endless tapas, the event was tremendous.

SAP Tech Ed Barcelona

Apple again had a highly visible booth, Ian Thain was holding a course for developers to work through the SDK. As expected, there was a heavy focus on Leonardo and HANA. But I was mostly interested in the momentum gaining for Machine Learning! There were 63 sessions with the topic included:

My presentation was inspired by all of the recent projects we are doing in Machine Learning, and the general fear or misconception that only mathematicians can approach the subject. I demonstrate 4 simple techniques for anyone to get started, and include a lot of links to the sources.

I hope it becomes evident that ML is 1. Not that difficult to get started with, and 2. That ML will provide incredible new UX opportunities.

[slideshare id=82152243&doc=dx251-techedbarcelona-uxtransformationwithmachinelearningandsapcloudplatformsdkforios-171116094046]


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