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SAP Just Dropped 7000 New Fiori Apps – Check Them Out (There’s a Catch)

The rumors appear to be true.

We’ve been hearing chatter for the past two years at various SAP events about the mountain of apps that are under under development. We’ve all been anxiously awaiting this release which will really kick-start our digital transformations and UX journey. Well, wait no more, there are now 7663 Fiori Apps available in the catalog!


Try this link to see for yourself.

Digging in a little bit, 7035 out of 7663 require S/4 HANA. I’m sure this is no surprise to most people. (However, you can build just about anything on your own without HANA)

So here’s the catch: most of these are just SAPGUI t-codes with a fancy skin, and not really redesigned apps. In fact 6456 out of the 7663 apps are simply t-codes. They look like this: sapgui

Admittedly, an apparent enhancement from SAPGUI, but this will take some testing from us to see where the limitations are.

Also, 102 of these are WebDynPro and look like this:


56 are Design Studio:


Leaving 1139 actual Fiori Apps (which is still pretty sizable).

One new thing I noticed was the introduction of several Object Pages (as opposed to the historical Fact Sheets). This Process Order Page is very comprehensive:



One big highlight for me is the new Customer 360 degree view. This is something that we saw some previews of in various videos for Fiori 2.0, and we had actually designed similar things for our own customers. I’m glad to see this is out, and the whole Sales Rep catalog is much better:


Customer overview:


Overall I’m very impressed with the progress. The new object pages, and continuous new app development are positive signs. Even though the numbers are a little misleading when they include the SAPGUI apps, there are enough signs here to warrant a UX investment for a new larger chunk of SAP’s install base.



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