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SAP in action: Sustainability is the new durability!

Give your business the space it needs! And by space, I mean from on-premise to the cloud. The requited equation between nature & profitability is symbiotic. Yes, it is a sustainable corridor for business growth! SAP coordinates this research with an intriguing question, “Do companies that practice sustainability have a stand-in long-term success?“ 

They arrived that profitability due to sustainability has a long-term success rate. How? The research poured into factors like time-frame, how would you define ‘success’ & how would you ‘measure the value’ of an organization? 

The real deal in the process is profit maximization & value optimization, which sprung up with sustainability practice. Therefore, let’s dive straight in, to comprehend how this restores value to build profit through generations. 

The biggest factor 

‘Time’ is essentially the most undermined factor of growth in the age of AI & ML. SAP concludes that strategic decisions made from inclusivity stand profitable not just today, tomorrow but for generations to come. For example, businesses having to travel places is replaceable with remote access solutions. It would further cut down the cost to companies on travel. 

Additionally, another SAP’s driving example: The new SAP initiative that pledges to plant 21 million trees globally for #climatechange to restore #sustainability is fending a bigger purpose in action. The commodore of this initiative is more likely to change the face of business. 




For us, collective despair is all about the value chain proposition. It takes us back to a year or two when SAP joined the Value Balancing Alliance. Let us see what SAP has to say in terms of valuable contributions. Hear it from the horse’s mouth. Knowing that contributing to the well-being of nature is but a sure shot factor in the success of a company. 

 Second to time: Success remedy 

Business transformation is overwhelming. But, to let it see the light is prioritizing its value over all else. SAP digs further, adding to the relationship between value & Consumer-investor-state behaviors. It is critical in business with shared values involving private sectors. 

Consumers, investors & governments have different approaches to quantify a business. In the case of consumers, their primary focus is to work with purpose-driven companies, from those are the investors who look for financial, environmental, social & governance performance (ESG). As we all know, investors calibrate risks with opportunity.  

The government policies share laws & by-laws, taxes & safety procedures to permit business & commercial affairs. You can now vouch for a company that is not only doing well in shares & stocks but has its legal standards in place. Own that success! However, before you leap, get a vantage view of the company. The real question is, ‘how will you place this roadmap to success in the real world?’ 

‘Measure’ the limits! 

Research calibrates that ESG performance & operational performance are mutually benefitting. Time to see the data infringing your company is shouting at you in a vacuum cabin. 

Let’s take a step back & jog on SAP’s tour with VBA. For example, If a business outscores its measure & value, it naturally delivers a positive societal impact. Only then would it bring the best out of shared values if not, the decision naturally collapses within a short span. Additionally, for this reason, VBA develops & tests methodologies that assert a financial value to any decision made by the business units. VBA is the jury for knowledge & conscious business decisions. 

Also, it is one of the best ways to monetize investments & fund subsequent high-value operations. 

My two cents!  

The insignia of businesses undergoing digital transformation is it mirrors flexibility & value optimization under multi-cloud-openness. In conclusion, my take on sustainability is more natural with an organization I work for as an employee, irrespective of the industry. #SAP is here to drive innovation for business sustainability, but are you all guts for giving the business that power shot? 


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