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SAP Expands Business Transformation Portfolio with LeanIX Acquisition

SAP has recently announced the acquisition of LeanIX, and on that note, I would like to share my thoughts on this acquisition and a little about the LeanIX platform. 

SAP’s recent acquisition of LeanIX is a significant development for the enterprise software industry. LeanIX is a leading provider of enterprise architecture management (EAM) software, which helps companies map, manage, and optimize their technology landscapes. LeanIX also offers a SaaS Management Platform (SMP), allowing organizations to optimize these costs and productivity on SaaS subscriptions. 

SAP’s acquisition of LeanIX signals its commitment to helping its customers with digital transformation initiatives. As a SAP Partner, we at Mindset Consulting are very excited about the potential benefits of this acquisition for SAP customers. LeanIX, a leader in Enterprise Architecture Management, is renowned for enabling organizations to streamline their IT landscapes, accelerate innovation, and drive business agility. LeanIX’s EAM software will help better understand and manage the complex IT infrastructure. This will enable organizations to make more informed decisions about technology investments.

Also, LeanIX’s EAM software will help customers improve their business agility and resilience. By better understanding the technology landscape, we will be better able to adapt to change and respond to unforeseen events. This will help the organizations to stay ahead of the competition and to deliver better value to their customers.

LeanIX SMP is a comprehensive SaaS management solution that helps organizations to:
  • Discover and track all of the SaaS applications in the organization.
  • Manage the SaaS contracts and licenses.
  • Optimize & track the SaaS spending.
  • Get actionable insights from the SaaS data.

Here are some thoughts on how SAP customers can benefit from SAP’s acquisition of LeanIX:

Improved decision-making:

With LeanIX’s EAM & SMP software, organizations can get a holistic view of the entire technology landscape, including all the applications, infrastructure, and data. This information can help the top management to make more informed decisions about the technology investments, for example, which applications to migrate to the cloud, which departments/users are using which applications, or which new technologies to adopt or to analyze the licensing costs vs. actual usage. 

Increased agility:

LeanIX’s EAM & SMP software can help organizations automate many tasks in managing the technology landscape with minimal resources and human intervention. This can free the team to focus on more strategic initiatives, such as developing new products, applications, and services or improving customer experience.

Reduced costs:

LeanIX’s EAM & SMP software can help organizations identify and eliminate unused or obsolete applications. This can lead to significant cost savings, especially if the organizations are paying for on-premises applications that are no longer needed. 

Improved security and compliance:

LeanIX’s software can help organizations identify and mitigate security risks in the technology landscape. It can also help the organizations to comply with industry regulations.


SAP’s acquisition of LeanIX will redefine how the organizations approach enterprise architecture, innovation, and digital transformation. This acquisition provides easy access to SAP customers to manage the infrastructure of SaaS applications within and outside the SAP ecosystem. 

This acquisition opens the doors for further developments and easy integration options with all SAP Platforms and SAP BTP, which provides more meaningful insights into infrastructure usage, SaaS subscriptions, licensing costs, etc., under one umbrella. 


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Abhilash Gampa leads the SAP Software Development and SAP BTP practice at Mindset India. He held various roles as a Founding Director, Solution Architect and Delivery Lead in his previous roles. He is passionate about developing technology products and tools to increase productivity without compromising on the user experience.

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