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SAP EWM – A Primer How EWM Elevates Your Supply Chain From ‘Okay’ to ‘Outstanding’!

Over the years, EWM has evolved with simplifying UIs & adding more flexibility. Now, it is helping warehouses deliver the best of supply chain management platform to outperform the hiccups that any plant faces. Having spent over a decade in this field, I would like to share my 2 cents about SAP EWM on the process front.  

Mindset is more inclined to drive transformation for sustainable businesses. It helps them bring the best of their project & deliver the best of performances. Though there are umpteen solutions to bridge the gap between innovation & a solution, it is the design thinking approach at Mindset that helps businesses realize their goals. 

Defining SAP EWM: 

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) is a comprehensive software solution that provides extensive functionality that supports, processes and  manages end-to-end warehouse logistics seamlessly and efficiently. EWM also provides for better resource utilization, optimization of  productivity and allows more room for simplicity. 

SAP EWM: Superlative Supply Chain

SAP EWM provides  numerous benefits, one such key benefit is the architecture which enables  S/4HANA to be more compatible with ERP/SCM. 

In order to familiarize a structured, simple, specific & strategic user experience, SAP EWM channels, monitors, controls & accounts the physical flow of goods across the entire warehouse. 

Furthermore, the cornerstones of SAP EWM are the 4S;

  • Structured 
  • Simple
  • Specific 
  • Strategic   

1. Structured:

Firstly, the landscape created here enables better use of resources through the modules that best suit your business project. Hence, we can make the best of other business related modules like Material Management (MM), Sales and Distribution (SD), Transportation Planning (TP), Logistics Execution (LE) , Production Planning (PP), and more.

2. Simple:

Secondly, the system offers greater accountability & a simplified user experience. This does make way for an agile environment for the changing customer needs & shared experiences. 

For instance, SAP launched its first FIORI apps for more common transactions, which makes the system device agnostic. With the help of FIORI apps, the system now simplifies standard warehouse processes, including goods receipt, goods issue, and cycle counting considerably. 

Mindset’s own software suite Warehouse Wise provides an “out-of-the-box” comprehensive industry standard KPIs and metrics for the warehouse.  It is one such tool that enables warehouse managers to gain valuable insights into warehouse management, including identifying potential bottlenecks, inefficiencies and opportunities for improvements.

3. Specific:

SAP EWM builds dynamism with advanced processing, keeping in mind numerous practical hiccups we generally face through the Warehouse Management System (WMS). It serves basic requirements & advanced functioning of processes such as Kitting, POSC, VAS, Cross Docking, etc. 

4. Strategic:  

Thanks to SAP EWM’s transparency, it can help your organisation track the end-to-end process to simplify the user experience. Moreover, there is complete visibility for the user specific journey. 

Reports: the data obtained can be customized to meet specific requirements, therefore making reporting a simple and accurate process, omitting the possibility of human error completely. All it needs is standard configurations without customization.  

EWM also provides strong integration capabilities with 3rd Party systems using PPF.   

Why migrate from WM to EWM? 

The world is changing every day leading to new business requirements all the time.  This is where the advanced EWM system conjuncts the technology & every widening demand. EWM provides complete transparency to its clients in processes like Orders Placed, Order Confirmed, Order Picked, Order Packed, Order Left for Delivery, etc.

Advanced EWM operations not only aid in client requirements but justify the optimum performance & is far more cost-effective. Additionally, it helps you maintain & RUN the Warehouse including Quick Order Picks & Drop Rates. What would take a few clicks to complete in a WM system, gets completed in one click in the EWM system. The advanced and avant-garde reporting capabilities too help warehouse managers make informed decisions about managing warehouse operations.

What Makes Mindset Your Ideal SAP EWM Partner?

Our design thinking is the unique preference to set the changes in any enterprise or project without disturbing the existing business architecture. 

Our Industry experts transform existing complex strategies with simple ‘ready-to-go agile solution modules that serve your business requirements & improve your overall business operations. We approach standard configurations that help drive better performance. 

At Mindset, we not only build software but ensure we ‘test’ the core & co-align for production. Let me take you through how EWM bridges the gap between your operations & your business goals. 

The key benefit of designing the landscape or the overall software solution with Mindset means complete end-to-end support which does not end with implementation but with end-user satisfaction and familiarity with the system. 

Today, customers themselves are driving the change. At Mindset, we emphasize on user experience for enterprises that want to integrate digital transformation. Therefore, SAP EWM is a fresh opportunity for businesses to outwit the trends, increase the quality & relevance of products & services. 

Our approach towards testing & delivery is ambient with clients to best land & expand the experience. The protocol includes user training, demo, handbooks & manuals which make the User RUN EWM with ease. Additionally, when businesses complete the warranty support, there is a possibility of issues creeping at the adoption phase. At this stage, Mindset has its complete foot in to help your business attain 100% efficiency & dedication. 

Warehouse Wise’ is Mindset’s EWM system for better logistic requirements. 

Before building anything, Mindset offers you an option of POC (Proof of Concept). In conclusion, SAP EWM system can be implemented, within a process or a part of the process, or even the entire process itself. Warehouse Wise is economical & easy to use for businesses. 


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Ganesh Kashyap V is an EWM Functional Consultant at Mindset & comes with over 12 years of experience, out of which he has spent 7 years in the SAP realm. He specializes in MM, WM & EWM modules, with innate working skills in implementation, testing & support projects. Besides his hands-on experience in SAP, he is certified in SAP S/4HANA Sourcing, Procurement & EWM.

He is a travel buff & enjoys driving off to explore new places. In his leisure, you can find him spending quality time with his family. Ganesh's undeniable love for his land and culture keeps him on his feet & grounded.

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