SAP Digital Transformation


SAP Digital Transformation

Your IT department needs to match the speed of your business. At Mindset, we have the knowledge and experience to effectively guide your through the process of transforming your digital platform to accelerate the pace at which you deliver technology solutions.

Maintain a Strong Digital Core

We start by ensuring that your core technology platform is well-positioned to enable your overall digital transformation. Thoughtful planning and active maintenance of your core platform are both vital steps in discovering the incredible benefits of the digital transformation approach.

Mindset’s experienced SAP architects will review your existing landscape to find the optimal approach to establish and maintain a technology core that will enable your transformation. We’ll walk you through the latest offerings, including S/4HANA, Fiori 2.0, and SAP Cloud Platform, to identify the right places for you to invest to get the most out of your SAP platform.

Lead with Design and Focus on User Experience

Once you’ve established a strong technology foundation, we’ll help you target the most important component for success: happy end users. Our services utilize a design-led and user-centric approach to guarantee that the end solution meets your business objectives while delighting end users in the process.

Our primary tool for accomplishing this is Design Thinking. Mindset uses this approach to ensure that we’re able to focus in on what’s important to your business partners while establishing empathy with end users.

Transform Your Delivery Approach

It’s in your best interest to keep users engaged throughout the entire delivery process. Mindset will apply a rigorous and agile approach to ensure that we’re getting the most out of the dev team, promoting user engagement, and keeping the feedback cycle short to guarantee that your end solution is exactly what users need.

We will also work with your team to align or transform the change and release management systems that are already in place to take full advantage of the agile process. This is no small task with SAP, but we’ve got the skills and experience to get it done.

Build for the Future

At the core of our delivery approach is an incredibly skilled and experienced team of developers that will transform your beautifully designed prototype into a live app in record time. We’ll also take advantage of the digital core to ensure you’re getting the most out of your apps. They’ll be fully secured, accessible from any location, and look beautiful on any device.

Additionally, Mindset developers can apply a test-driven development approach to building your applications. This will increase the quality of deliverables from the onset while giving you a jump-start on a fully automated test suite that will drastically reduce costs and increase speed of delivery going forward.

Innovate. Risk. Repeat.

At its heart, Mindset is a development company. We can’t help ourselves when it comes to playing with the newest and most groundbreaking innovations available. We have proven experience with leveraging the most bleeding-edge and exciting technology trends to solve real world challenges that your business faces today. Whether you’re looking to build excitement with your business and end users, leapfrog your competition, or just show off something fun, we’re ready to work with you to define what’s next.

Let’s make your SAP better, together.

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