We use our SAP lab to innovate.

SAP Labs are SAP's core R&D entities, developing and constantly improving key SAP solutions. These research and development locations are strategically located in high-tech clusters around the globe and reflect SAP's culture of diversity and innovation.

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It all starts with Design Thinking.

Let us show you how this transformational design process can rapidly accelerate how you solve problems in your enterprise. Our Design Thinking process has been refined over hundreds of customer experiences to optimize for the most efficient use of time and resources. Also, using the Minneapolis SAP AppHaus helps our customers focus and create new innovative solutions, all while having a lot of fun.

  • UnderstandUnderstand


    Research and understand the problem, define the problem statement.

  • ObserveObserve


    Observe and empathize with end users in their natural environment.

  • Point of ViewPoint of View

    Point of View

    Define the audience, then restate and refine the problem statement.

  • IdeateIdeate


    Think outside the box. Draft multiple ideas within the team.

  • PrototypePrototype


    Creation of low-resolution and high-resolution design.

  • TestTest


    Make sure the design fits the user need and solves the business need.

AppHaus Minneapolis Preview

The SAP Labs Network (SLN) drives thought leadership globally and in local ecosystems, allowing SAP to innovate, grow, and succeed.

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