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Retaining Top SAP Talent

Another year is coming to an end! The holidays are here, projects are wrapping up, it is constantly dark outside, treacherous road conditions are coming (for all of us in Minnesota), and people are looking for a change in their work life.

It is no surprise that this time of the year we tend to have more calls from unhappy employees looking for a change. I often get an inbox full of resumes right after Thanksgiving with people asking about the roles we have open. I also tend to hear from a lot of full-time employees looking to explore the world of consulting.

This is an excellent opportunity for companies to offer a differentiator that will draw in new talent or retain their current talent. Over the last few months, I have been asking people in the SAP community “what is most important for you in your next role” or “what would keep you from looking for a new role”? The number one answer may surprise you. No one said more money!


The Top 3 were:

  • An opportunity to learn something new or advance their careers.
  • A Fun project – Several people I spoke with mentioned that they would feel obligated to stay if they had a fun project to work on and complete rather than their typical mundane work. The must be able to complete was a rather important part – a lot of people in the SAP space are on such long projects that people often feel there is no end in sight.
  •  Work-life balance – With the holidays, employees do not want to feel guilty taking personal time on Christmas eve or Black Friday. Even remote work is a significant change for someone that is typically not allowed to work from home. I strongly encourage anyone with direct reports to try offering one of the above – It could save you and your team from losing a strong contributor!

For everyone that is considering a change – I put three links below to some great blogs that share tips on making the jump and how to succeed when moving to a new role/consulting engagement.

Five Reasons Why You Should Take the Leap into SAP Consulting – by Austin Kessler
Resume Tips for Technical Professionals – by Ian Rockers
Top 5 ways to Find Your Next SAP Job – by Austin Kessler


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Aaron Brasket is leading account management, client satisfaction, and expansion at Mindset and has recently relocated to Denver, Colorado! He is responsible for creating a remarkable experience for Mindset’s Western clients through Staffing, SAP design and custom development, and SAP implementations. Aaron offers both clients and candidates exceptional
professional service and the most ethical values in executive search. He also really values building and establishing relationships not only with Mindset’s Consulting Services team, but with all clients in the SAP community. When Aaron is not working, you can find him with his girlfriend Kelsey in the great outdoors camping, hiking, fishing, or playing with Doug, their Bernedoodle!

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