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Remote Work Gauge

I have noticed over my 7+ years of recruiting most people want to look at new opportunities that will allow them to work from home. It’s a request that I have gotten often, but the market and companies have not given into these desires…. until now.

With the change in the work environment and most companies moving towards a 100% remote workplace, people are experiencing what they have always looked for, but is it all it’s cracked up to be?! I know the circumstances that we are in now are very different, gyms are closed, restaurants are only doing carry out, and we can’t meet with others, but you can still take this time to gauge how often you want to work from home and if you’re effectively doing so.

Here’s a list of questions you can ask yourself to figure out how often you should work from home in the future and if it’s the right thing for you:

  • How often am I distracted from my work at home?
  • Did you miss being in the office?
  • Further, do you enjoy meeting with people in person, or do virtual meetings work?
  • Do the people you live with think working from home was good for you, and them?
  • Additionally, do I have a designated space to work at home?
  • How much do you spend commuting to work?
  • Could you separate “Homelife” and “Worklife” while being in the same space?
  • Do you feel you do your best being truly independent?
  • Did you feel like you got more work done at home?
  • Were you able to communicate well with others, when not being face to face?
  • Were you able to “clock out”, after work hours?
  • Did you feel there was a difference between work and life after work being in the same space?

Have any thoughts to share on how you’ve found it to be working from home, I’d love to hear from you.


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Ian Rockers is a Sr. SAP Recruiter, connecting with top, local SAP professionals daily and staying on top of current market trends and career opportunities in the Twin Cities. With years of recruiting experience prior to joining Mindset, he has always valued helping others find their dream job. What he enjoys most about his role is building relationships with SAP professionals and getting to talk them through both their personal and professional goals. Outside of work, Ian loves to travel and to experience different cultures. Although he graduated from the University of WI Eau Claire, he remains an avid MN sports fan. In fact, Ian hasn’t missed a Vikings game yet! He also loves watching and attending Wolves and Wild games.

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