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Realize Faster Business Outcomes with SAP Business Technology Platform

In the digital age, IT departments at companies with complex application architecture are challenged with delivering in-depth insight and fast access to business data to their business teams. This is often the result of multitude of disparate systems and applications being used where data models, business logic, and process definitions are unique to these systems. There is a lack of capabilities to provide a seamless view of the information.

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) provides an avenue to address this underlying issue and delivers capabilities that customers can leverage to build a unified view of a business process. Further, SAP BTP enables building, integrating, and extending business applications with a combination of technologies for database and data management, analytics, application development and integration, and intelligent technologies.  

Opportunity to gain flexibility and independence   

With SAP BTP there is an opportunity to gain flexibility and independence.  SAP BTP accelerates business outcomes by supporting integration, conversion of data-to-value, and extensibility for SAP and third-party application data assets. It is the power of these capabilities that make the business technology platform all the more agile and flexible when applying a combination of technologies to solve business challenges and create innovative solutions.

 Key Elements of SAP Business Technology Platform   

SAP BTP builds on three basic principles of unified experience, business-centricity, and openness. The figure below shows SAP Intelligent Enterprise Framework as well as where SAP BTP fits into that framework. 

SAP Business Technology Platform

The features and scenarios that support these three key principles are:

Integration to connect applications, data, and processes:

Enable integration of current and future on-premise and cloud-based applications and processes with tools and prebuilt content managed by SAP.  Further, the advantages are to have unified processes across the business from one single trusted enterprise foundation and accelerate implementation and maintenance of integration scenarios through predefined connectors and prepackaged business content.

Data-to-value for data driven decisions:

Reliably gain insights across applications and data sources to optimize and grow your business. Data-to-value enables customers to perform all necessary steps. They understand the data in a business context, expressed in general terms. It also allows customers to create advanced insights and decision-making with confidence.

Extensibility to build and extend applications and processes:

Rapidly build and enhance applications, processes, and experiences across your value chain. Additionally, achieve process automation and optimization beyond standard solutions, improve development productivity and agility across any landscape, and deliver consistent and collaborative digital experiences.

start with SAP BTP   

In summary, SAP BTP will help to connect, manage, and govern data. It helps to integrate and extend applications and business processes, and gain insights from data. Additionally, it can optimize and ignite innovation with artificial intelligence and other intelligent technologies. In conclusion, we at Mindset strategically focus on nurturing talent in the space of SAP BTP. We are building proof-of concept on industry and line of business use cases. Further, our goal is to help our customers understand how best they can employ these capabilities to unlock the potential of SAP BTP. This is with a goal to realize business outcomes with faster time-to-value.

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Dinesh Chhabra is a Principal Architect at Mindset. He is an accomplished leader and an expert SAP Solution Architect with a proven track record of successfully delivering SAP enabled solutions for over 25 years, helping customers realize benefits of the digital age. He has extensive industry experience in construction, solar energy, professional services, manufacturing, chemicals. He is a seasoned professional with expertise in the Finance and Accounting domain coupled with a strong background in SAP S/4HANA Finance

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