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Ready to Shift your Mindset? Why Customers Need Specialized Service Firms

I have spent my entire career in the recruiting industry, working in multiple environments: a small family-owned IT staffing agency, a global IT staffing agency, through my own firm on assignments at corporate clients, and now at Mindset, a boutique and specialized SAP consulting firm. Through these experiences, I have seen how different agencies approach challenges in the fiercely competitive talent acquisition space and why customers need specialized service firms.

From our first conversation, Mindset blew me away with their value proposition. Here I encountered, for the first time, the true benefit of providing specialized services. Mindset is a hub for innovation in SAP technologies. Though best known for our expertise in the emerging Fiori platform, we do a lot more. We create subscription software products for SAP customers. We run highly effective agile development projects. We provide SAP talent to clients through our consulting services division, led by yours truly.

What does all this have to do with specialized IT services? With specialized service firms? I’ve had exposure for years to SAP technologies, working on my fair share of staffing needs. Openings in the SAP space always seemed like the hardest to find qualified talent for – until Mindset. Laser focus working in a specific field drives amazing results.

Our recruitment team spends every day focused on discovering and networking with SAP professionals. Through that focus, we’ve built an unparalleled talent community. When clients reach out to generalized IT firms for SAP needs, they do themselves a disservice. Those firms will likely need to start their search from scratch, slowing their turnaround and reducing the quality of the talent they can bring to their clients.

Our strong SAP focus brings these 3 major staffing advantages to our clients:

  1. Speed – we quickly turn around even the most challenging SAP staffing requirements. Mindset resources have already been through our personality and tech screening process, and we’ve gathered references from formal connections and previous clients. Because we have a team full of SAP industry leaders our network is vast.
  2. Expertise – our SAP Architects, Developers, Business Analysts, Project Managers, and Techno-Functional pros screen our candidates. Unlike generalist firms, our candidates have been thoroughly vetted by subject matter experts.
  3. Accountability – we pride ourselves on being experts in our craft, so our reputation is on the line with every client and every assignment. We stand behind what we do because, being experts, we have to give our clients the best people for their needs – every time. Our success hinges on every engagement ensuring our clients receive the attention to detail and service they deserve.

Are you ready to change your Mindset about hiring SAP talent? If so, connect with us today at to learn more about the special advantages of working with an SAP industry expert.


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Alex Jones leads the SAP Consulting practice at Mindset where he is focused on leveraging his nearly 10 years of Sales & Recruiting experience to build a best-in-class Services organization. Alex has harnessed the power of Mindset's unique position in the SAP marketplace to build a robust and trustworthy talent community across all areas of SAP. With a large team of SAP experts on staff at Mindset, Alex's team has a deeply connected network within the SAP space in addition to a relentless dedication to quality that has helped Mindset build a reputation for consistently delivering expert-level SAP talent to our customer's at competitive costs and within tight timelines. Alex is well known within the Minneapolis SAP community as a career strategist, well-connected Recruiter and consultatives Sales professional. He also serves as Mindset's ASUG Champion.

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