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Re-Imagine Your Business Using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI)in particular is seen as being groundbreaking in the intelligent enterprise. This is in addition to robotic process automation, big data and blockchain technology. The time has come for organizations to re-imagine the current business process with artificial intelligence (AI). Improve your competitive edge with innovations in AI, increase productivity by automating repetitive tasks, reduce human errors, and allow more time for your staff to work on more important tasks.  Additionally, bring about increased employee efficiency, process efficiency, employee productivity, and overall reduction of processing times which enhance customer experience & a better bottom line to build a sustainable business strategy.

SAP AI Business Services enables the use of ML Service without any Data Scientist expertise – Services can be reused across different business process, easy to consume, flexible Integration b/w SAP & Non-SAP systems

SAP offers standalone AI Business Services such as:

  • Document Information Extraction, 
  • Business Entity Recognition, 
  • Invoice Object Recommender, 
  • Service Ticket Intelligence, 
  • Document Classification, and
  • Data Attribute Recommendation

Artificial Intelligence

Use Case HR – Intelligent Screening of Resumes

Currently, there is a huge demand for relevant jobs in the market. Post-pandemic, HR personnel the world over are dealing with a large number of incoming CV’s.. It can be overwhelming for the HR to shortlist and review all the candidates manually.  Intelligent service solutions check incoming CV’s for relevant information based on skills, designation/role or profession etc., automatically and irrespective of formats used. Subsequently, this process reduces the possibility of human error as well as brings about efficiency in the application processing time.  

Not just this, AI services also assures you high accuracy in data extraction from unstructured documents. The chatbot handles all relevant information in the recruitment process. Reducing manual processes allows you to use your resources in more important strategic tasks. Additionally, with the innovative and efficient AI services, you can rely on efficiency of processes, fewer extraction errors, reduction of human bias and the ability to focus on value-creating tasks. 

Artificial Intelligence

Whether it is Sales, HR, Finance, Marketing, Customer service or Procurement, each business unit within an organization benefits from artificial intelligence.  In conclusion, it helps organizations overcome operational expenses, increase efficiency, generate more sales and improve customer services immensely. 

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Raju is a Team Lead at Mindset India. He has 9+ years of experience in SAP space in various roles as a backend developer, and offshore lead, having strong expertise in Fiori, ABAP on HANA & Embedded Analytics.
Outside of work, he is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and enjoys spending time in the gym, hiking, and jogging. More about Raju can be found at

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