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My Top 5 Picks for SAP SAPPHIRE 2021

SAPPHIRE 2021 is upon us, and even though we’re not to be in person in Orlando this year, it’s good to at least pick your daily top presentation pick. Go ahead treat yourself to one (or more) presentations. You know you want to… Even though it’s virtual, I think there are a few sessions that could stir up Twitter and LinkedIn. However, I only picked one that was designated a keynote. The rest are my own opinions.


Here are my top 5 Session Picks for SAPPHIRE 2021:

Monday, June 7 

Track: IT

IT511 – Drive Toward the Intelligent Enterprise with Digital Transformation

Deliver real business value with enterprise cloud solutions, a business-centric platform, connected business networks, and the RISE with SAP offering. Hear SAP customers and industry analysts describe innovations to integrate and extend business processes and applications enterprise-wide to turn data into value and create an intelligent enterprise.

I picked this session because it will have a lot of content jammed in the one hour and fifteen minutes and it will focus more on SAP’s newer offerings. SAP is all in on cloud this year with topics around RISE, BTP, S/4HANA Cloud, and Integration. If you can’t make any other events on June 7, be sure to attend this one.

Tuesday, June 8

Track: Procurement

PCM218 – Experience How SAP Runs the Intelligent Enterprise Live at SAP

Tour a digital showroom featuring key technologies and innovations that have transformed SAP into an intelligent enterprise. Navigate through our innovative platform and experience the future workplace that is already live at SAP. Learn more about our solutions and how they shape the day-to-day lives of SAP employees

This session will be good because it helps customers to understand what is possible with the latest Ariba product release, and how SAP actually uses their own software. You don’t know what you need until you see it in action. Or even if you have it, gain insights into what you could leverage. 

Wednesday, June 9

Track: Customer Experience

CX101 – Learn About Upcoming Innovations on the Commerce Cloud Technology Road Map

Drive personalized and profitable customer engagements that differentiate your brand and offer memorable customer experiences. Further, learn how SAP is enabling business success with new capabilities and innovations in upcoming releases for the SAP Commerce Cloud solution.

Roadmap sessions are good to understand where a product is going and where it has been. Further, these are a good place to ask that burning question about a feature you always wanted, but the Product Owner hasn’t gotten around to it yet. Commerce Cloud is one of the more interesting and mature Cloud Solutions offered by SAP and it’s targeting CX, which is in front of all our minds

Thursday, June 10

Track: Finance

FIN607 – Intelligent Order-to-Cash and Procure-to-Pay and 3M Case Study

Respond to changing post-pandemic market conditions that require agile, scalable finance processes. Find out how multinational manufacturer 3M Company is using intelligent automation of order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes to tackle these challenges while improving productivity and working capital.

This is a case study session brought to us by 3M. However, I think any automation to the OTC and PTP processes can be fascinating and perhaps a target area for automation that uses Machine Learning or other intelligent processes. Expect to hear about a concrete example of RISE from SAP. 

Finally, as always, come and visit us at the Virtual Mindset Booth and I hope to see you there!


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Andy has over 17 years in guiding IT Leaders to achieve their digital objectives. From implementing and integrating SAP business systems, converting complicated business challenges into lean digital solutions, and crafting transformational strategies among the top tiers of the Fortune 500. Andy has expertise in leveraging diverse digital platforms and ecosystems across various industries.

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