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Yes! It is time for TechEd in the city that never sleeps. There are some fine options for your inner nerd this year. I had ...

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Yes! It is time for TechEd in the city that never sleeps. There are some fine options for your inner nerd this year. I had fun going through the agenda, and it was hard… but I came out with my Top 10. Yes, you might notice there are a few roadmaps listed, but what can I say? I like to know where the bus is taking us. 

Without further ado, here are my picks:

CAA314 Getting Started with SAP Cloud Platform Development – Architectural Review Hennie Pieters Sun Chemical Corp.
Do you think it’s expensive or difficult to move from on-premise application development with SAP Fiori and SAP Enterprise Portal to SAP Cloud Platform application development? In this session, we demonstrate the entry-level services and technical architecture used by Sun Chemical to build a scalable and highly secure custom application on SAP Cloud Platform using SAP Fiori, SAPUI5, SAP Web IDE, SAP HANA database, SAP Cloud Platform Portal, SAP Build, Cloud Foundry, and SAP Mobile Service.

This presentation ticks a lot of the boxes that I think are valuable to SAP customers. Sun Chemical is forward-thinking in moving to SAP Cloud Platform for its SAP Digitial projects. I think if you attend any session at TechEd, then this should be it.

CAA802 Road Map: SAP Cloud Platform Matthias Steiner SAP
SAP Cloud Platform plays a central role in SAP’s vision for the Intelligent Enterprise. The platform enables you to integrate, extend, and build innovative new business solutions. This session sheds some light on SAP’s vision for SAP Cloud Platform and the future road map.

Yes, a roadmap lecture, but these are valuable to look for those features or functionality bits you think are missing or would like to know in more detail. These are extremely useful sessions and always part of my schedule. SAP has is heavily investing in Cloud Solutions and those are, for the most part, built upon SAP Cloud Platform, so this is a roadmap to watch.

AIN106 Demystifying SAP HANA Cloud Services Ivo Bauermann SAP
By leveraging reusable platform services, SAP HANA Cloud Services forms the technology suite for your use cases in your organization. In this lecture, we’ll provide an overview of the individual components such as SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, and SAP HANA Cloud and how they are interconnected. Understand the architecture of SAP HANA Cloud Services and learn how you can leverage it as a single gateway to all your trusted data in real-time, no matter where it sits.

SAP HANA Cloud Services was announced at SAPPHIRE earlier this year, and it is the source of some mystery for SAP customers. That’s because it isn’t here yet, but is this session is to define what is HANA Cloud Services all about. Why should we care? Basically, I believe this is SAP’s first step in providing an SAP Data Science platform. Granted, all pieces are not yet there yet. If this is something you are really interested in, you might also check out DAT209 – Top Use Cases for SAP HANA Cloud Services.

CAA233 Bridging the DevOps Gap in ABAP and Hybrid Cloud Landscapes Ethan Jewett Mindset Consulting LLC
Learn how customers approach the DevOps principles of collaboration, communication, automation, tooling, resiliency, and transparency in SAP landscapes – both on-premise ABAP and hybrid cloud. In addition, find out about applying industry-standard technology, process, and practice to your landscape to improve the speed and quality of business value delivery. We cover the agile process, using source control, CI/CD, fast change reversal, and managing new development versus support.

Mindset’s very own Ethan Jewett doesn’t fail to impress and is a passionate SAP Mentor for improving Development Processes. ABAP has always been an area that could use some updating on newer development practices. Ethan’s session will focus on DevOps for ABAP and the hybrid cloud. I never thought I would see the day when ABAP, DevOps, and Cloud were in the same sentence, but here we are. Thanks, Ethan for helping to push that world forward.

AIN829 Integration of SAP Analytics Cloud in Other Applications Road Map Juergen Hagedorn SAP
We have set out to become the leading analytics cloud platform for line-of-business and industry content and analytical applications, helping you embed intelligence in every decision and process enabled by SAP and third-party software. Hear about the current status of, and outlook for, the SAP Analytics Cloud solution APIs your developers can use to embed analytics in applications.

Analytics Cloud is a hot topic, and one of the things I wanted to do with it immediately, was to integrate those spiffy reports into an app. I think we need insight and action in the same place. Who knows, maybe that leads to automation and a Machine Learning model that eliminates human interaction completely. Therefore this session caught my eye immediately.

CT128 Think Like a Designer: A Crash Course in UX for SAP Developers Daniel Flesher Mindset Consulting LLC
Staying up to date with technology is important, but developers need to also understand how to design quality experiences for end-users. This session provides a crash course in user experience design, helping developers create easy-to-use apps. Learn how to use the design guidelines for the SAP Fiori user experience, work with prototyping tools, and engage users to create the best applications. Combining UX principles with quality code will make developers key assets in their organizations.

OK, so another shameless plug. Daniel Flesher at Mindset is also talking about another topic I am always advocating. Don’t over-engineer, or come up with features because… YAGNI. Designers are always looking at the world through UX tinted glasses and that is a good thing. I mean, look at SAP GUI… Why would you do that to me Mr. Software Engineer? Seriously though, check it out. Your users will appreciate your capacity for empathy.

INT103 Discover the Integration DNA of the Intelligent Suite from SAP Matthias Allgaier SAP
SAP aims to deliver an overall experience across the enterprise for the intelligent suite that is greater than the sum of its parts. Accordingly, SAP offers technologies for integrating applications on all levels, such as user experience, data, processes, and more. Furthermore, new concepts are applied for enabling true out-of-the-box integration and openness to integrate with non-SAP applications. Join this session to get to know key concepts and technologies enabling the intelligent suite.

I think SAP customers know or are learning, that just because SAP is your ERP vendor, doesn’t mean that other software packages can’t do something really well. I know you are thinking about a SaaS product or Apache project right now… and that good stuff needs integration. Integration creates an intangible improved UX/CX that we take for granted. Check this session out to see how SAP has compiled an integration approach.

INT823 Road Map for SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite Udo Paltzer SAP
SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite enables out-of-the-box integration for the intelligent suite and open integration for non-SAP applications. Explore the road map highlights of this solution comprising of the SAP Cloud Platform Integration service, capabilities including API management, workflow, open connectors, connectivity, O-data provisioning, and smart data integration, and services including SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging, SAP Streaming Analytics, and SAP Remote Data Sync.

ROADMAP! Not as good as a road trip, but you know… This is definitely for the more tech-minded folks who like integration architecture. Hey, someone needs to make those API’s and SAP has done a good job in this space for integration. Open Connectors are something that I have been super excited about if you aren’t familiar with that topic, check this out.

UX822 Road Map for Portals from SAP, On-Premise and In the Cloud Itay Zur SAP
Join this session to learn about the recent innovations and enhancements for SAP Cloud Platform Portal and SAP Enterprise Portal. Hear about the latest deployment recommendations for portal portfolios, services

Portal in SAP Cloud Platform is a snap compared to Enterprise Portal. Which I wouldn’t cry about never having to gaze upon again. I was happy to see just how easy it was to create a Fiori Launchpad in Cloud Portal. Managing the content there is very easy as well. It’s like they threw out the old Portal and started over… Check this out, I think this session will be a pleasant surprise.  Who knows, there might even be a new announcement around this service…

UX207 SAP Fiori 3 UX and Design-Led-Development of SAP Fiori Apps for SAP S/4HANA Emil Voutta SAP
Learn how the design-led development process enables the creation of delightful SAP Fiori apps for SAP S/4HANA. Understand the benefits of building on the strong foundation of SAP Fiori elements and SAPUI5. See how the design system for SAP Fiori introduces new concepts and features to improve the overall end-user experience and efficiency.

OK, last one! Fiori 3. I have seen prototypes around Fiori 3 at SAPPHIRE, and there were some interesting claims made there about what you can do with Fiori 3. Since I think S/4HANA will be full of new challenges for development teams, it is important that IT departments become familiar with both SAPUI5, Fiori, and propper design. Do use Fiori Elements when possible. Don’t build abominations that will make your users and support team cry later. This session should be good to educate about many new topics for teams not yet using any of the before mentioned SAP technology.

Interested in working more on S/4HANA? Reach out to us and we will come find you at TechEd. Have a great conference and I wish that I could join you all this year in Las Vegas for TechEd. Someone has to stay behind and mind the store.

Andy Prier

Andy Prier

Andy Prier is a tech enthusiast and a UX champion. He is an active blogger and speaker about UX, Cloud, and Innovation. Having over 12 years of experience in leading and designing solutions for several technology spaces, Andy looks for impactful ways to improve processes. While always looking to push designs one step farther outside of the box. Using Design Thinking and broad SAP knowledge, Andy creates practical and beautiful designs. He has spoken for SAP including events such as TechEd, Sapphire, ASUG, and SAPinsider.

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