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Minneapolis SAP AppHaus 2.0 – 1 Year Anniversary

When we opened the Mindset Design Lab and SAP AppHaus back in November 2018, everything seemed like a blur.

We closed on the space on a Friday, and we were hosting a design session on the following Monday. In the weeks to come we had a grand opening, relentless design sessions, leadership retreats, innovation days and at least one horse.

Our original design idea was cheap and fun. What this meant in practicality was a weekend of team-building with Ikea assembly, pizza and beer. Followed by ping pong tables, nerf wars, mini-golf, “bar” stocking and endless gadgets.

One year later we learned a few things:

  • Cornhole is too loud for the neighbors.
  • Couches are hard to move, need wheels. All furniture must move fast.
  • High ceilings are pretty, but bad for sound.
  • Touch-screens are great for recording ideas.
  • You can never have too many snacks.
  • This is really fun.

We never intended the physical space to be permanent as we didn’t know exactly what activities would follow. Following a trip to visit the SAP AppHaus in Heidelberg and a meetup with all of the other fantastic AppHaus partners, we came back excited by several new ideas.

We have now signed a lease on a new and improved AppHaus 2.0!

See these pre-construction photos:

SAP AppHaus SAP AppHaus

Here is the tentative floor plan:

SAP AppHaus

Inspirational green wall for focal point of lab (from the delicious Colita in SW Minneapolis):

New features:

  • Firstly, a single joined space between our S/4HANA Delivery Teams and AppHaus Design Teams.
  • The whole office will be branded as the AppHaus, as opposed to HQ + Design Lab.
  • More than double the square footage.
  • A video game room… just because.
  • A ceiling height more appropriate for conversation and collaboration.
  • Moveable walls to create variations of the perfect size working area for different groups.
  • Several breakout rooms to ideate as small groups.
  • Many different work-style seating areas — high tops, window bench seating, small rooms, big rooms, quiet rooms, loud rooms?
  • A WAY nicer kitchen, with nice coffee or espresso, vending, etc.
  • Various lounge areas to break away.
  • A charger station for laptops, phones, and more.
  • The ability to scale up to 50 attendees.
  • Embedded music for setting the right ambiance.
  • Total control over lighting.
  • Finally, bigger better creative drawing tools, art stations, etc.

However, we’re hoping to finish construction in the middle of January, with a grand opening soon after. Therefore, keep an eye out as I post a few more photos.


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