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Mindset’s Voice of the Employee: An Employee Experience application for SAP & VoE

Are you an IT manager who is curious about how your employees feel about your internal processes? Are you concerned about the effectiveness of your Fiori solution?

Voice of the Employee (VoE) by Mindset is our answer to the Employee Experience (EX) question. Gathering feedback is very important to businesses. VoE gathers feedback from the employee and displays it in a graphical layout in an easy to understand, friendly format. Managers can use this information to make accurate decisions about their internal tools and processes.

A Simple Solution

VoE is a shell plugin for SAP’s Fiori Launchpad solutions. It consists of 2 technical objects; a shell plugin and an SAPUI5 application. Further, the plugin acts as a UX tool to collect user feedback. The SAPUI5 application displays the information in a useful way for IT managers and supervisors. VoE saves the data in a custom table that configures to the customers’ needs. Additionally, data is stored in this table to be used later by the SAPUI5 application.

The shell plugin is a simple pop-over that records a user rating (1-5, Sad-Happy) and any comments the user may want to add. This data is saved to the custom table included with the VoE and can be used by other applications. However, we like this approach because the customer has control over the feedback data. The plugin works on any page within an FLP. We use the semantic object and a timestamp as a key to store the data.


The SAPUI5 application consumes the feedback data and displays it in various graphs and tables. The graphs consist of average-ratings-by-app and average-ratings-by-user. The table is a visual representation of all the feedback data in the database.


Fiori Concepts and Principles

VoE follows Fiori design guidelines set out by SAP’s Fiori Design Principles (FDP). However, for the graphs, we recommend a Chart Container that contains the different graphs and is easy to switch to a table view. It’s a clean, simple display that works well across any device. As for the colors, we use the SAP hex color range for good->bad. Further, these colors are pleasant and easy to interpret. Additionally, we use vizframe bar charts to display the chart data. The data is easy to organize and fits well within the constraints of the device.

Our Solution to Employee Feedback and Analysis

We wanted to create a simple solution that allows an organization to collect and analyze Fiori feedback without having to use built-in tools and forms. Additionally, VoE is simple in its approach to collecting feedback and displaying that data for managers/supervisors. Also, feedback is essential to creating an excellent user experience for the Fiori landscape. 

In conclusion, I am very proud of the products we create here at Mindset. As we strive to create products that are simple and easy to use, we are always wanting to hear feedback about our products. Please reach out if you have any comments or questions. 


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Matthew Whigham is a Technical Architect at Mindset and a BTP Expert. He leverages his broad SAP technical experience to bring simple and effective products to market. His career began in ABAP development and quickly transitioned to SAPUI5 focused solutions. The user-experience is the primary focus of Matthew's application development and fits in really well with the Mindset Products mantra; Easy to use, easy to love.

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