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Mindset’s SafeTransport for SAP and how it helps you during COVID-19

SafeTransport for SAP is Mindset’s answer for contactless driver check-in/check-out for warehouse environments.  During these times with COVID-19, social distancing is very important in the workplace. We at Mindset, have created the SafeTransport product that allows for Drivers and Clerks to interact in a safe and effective manner. This product will help your company adhere to specific social distancing guidelines and increase efficiency. 

A Technical Solution

How do we do it? At Mindset, we strive to create products that are non-invasive, simple to install, SafeTransport for SAPand provide a wonderful user experience. SafeTransport for SAP consists of two applications; SafeTransportDriver and SafeTransportClerk. These applications are created using SAPUI5 and interact with external systems with ease.

The SafeTransportDriver application is a simple SAPUI5 application that has two navigation options; Check-In and Check-Out. The driver selects one option. They then receive direction to a simple form to fill out driver information. However, we chose the fields on the driver form based on feedback from collaboration with industry experts. Further, you create SafeTransportDriver without authorizations. The driver does not have to be a licensed user of the company.

SafeTransportClerk is a worklist app for licensed SAP users. Further, it provides a list for the clerk of drivers awaiting check-in or check-out. The clerk can select the driver, and using the object page, update details about the driver or shipment. Performing an update, the clerk also updates the status of the driver. We created a utility that checks the status of the driver, and if needed, updates the status from ‘Waiting’ to ‘Checked In’ or ‘Checked Out’.

SafeTransport can be delivered multiple ways; SAP On-Premise, SAP Cloud Platform, and a hybrid model. At Mindset, we currently enjoy the SAP Cloud platform host model where Mindset hosts the apps and the database in SAP Cloud Platform. This allows for quick deployability to customers. During customer implementation, we also provide the ability to customize the fields used for check-in/out.


Our Solution to Contactless Driver/Clerk interactions

For organizations that involve clerk/driver interactions, following social distance guidelines is a known risk. However, Mindset mitigates this risk with the SafeTransport product. Further, it allows for a driver to stay inside the truck cab, and the clerk can perform the normal business process without physical interaction with the driver. Regardless, this eliminates any need for the driver to stand in lines or to fill out physical check-in/out forms. SafeTransport helps company employees stay safe during COVID-19.

I am very proud of the products we create here at Mindset. Therefore, as we strive to create products that are simple and easy to use, we are always wanting to hear feedback about our products. Please reach out if you have any comments or questions. 


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Matthew Whigham is a Technical Architect at Mindset and a BTP Expert. He leverages his broad SAP technical experience to bring simple and effective products to market. His career began in ABAP development and quickly transitioned to SAPUI5 focused solutions. The user-experience is the primary focus of Matthew's application development and fits in really well with the Mindset Products mantra; Easy to use, easy to love.

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