Mindset’s App Analyzer for SAP Fiori and why you need it in your Fiori toolkit

Fiori App Analyzer for SAP is Mindset’s answer for adoption rates and feedback within your Fiori landscape. Using common tools and practices, AppAnalyzer tracks ...

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Fiori App Analyzer for SAP is Mindset’s answer for adoption rates and feedback within your Fiori landscape. Using common tools and practices, AppAnalyzer tracks your users actions from the Fiori Launchpad (FLP) in order to gain valuable insights on usage and feedback. 

A Technical Perspective

How do we do it? At mindset, we strive to create products that are non-invasive, simple to install and provide a wonderful user experience. Using the latest web development practices, we track tile clicks and pull metrics from the user (with consent) including location data, tile information, and device info. This information is stored on the customer’s system that allows for real-time feedback. AppAnalyzer also includes our Voice of the Employee product, which as a shell plugin, gives users the ability to provide valuable feedback for any Fiori application. Feedback data is stored separately  but shares the same key to the AppAnalyzer data. This allows us to link App feedback with general usage with Fiori applications.

Using a Mindset specific agile approach, we created a live, open source version over 2 sprints, that is available for download. While taking advantage of SAPWebIDE, we created a custom Overview Page Template (OVP) following Fiori Design Principles, which includes tiles (cards) that contain specific information. The tiles pull information from an SAP back-end service that exposes 2 database tables. The tables created store User tile click information and User feedback. For each User semantic object click, a record is created in the user information table which is keyed by user and timestamp. For the feedback table, an entry is only created when the user submits feedback using Voice of the Employee.

The entire technical package is easy to install and very lightweight. Only 1 service, 1 FLP extension and 2 applications are contained in this installation.

Our Solution to Adoption and Feedback

For organizations new to Fiori, or organizations implementing a Fiori landscape, the ability to track adoption rates is crucial. If a new app was rolled out for a specific business process, it is helpful to be able to see if the app is being used, and if there is any feedback about the app. AppAnalyzer provides IT managers with a set of tools to track usage rates and gather valuable feedback concerning the Fiori apps they champion. This gives IT managers the ability to react quickly and implement new policies regarding their Fiori landscape.

I am very proud of the products we create here at Mindset. As we strive to create products that are simple and easy to use, we are always wanting to hear feedback about our products. Please reach out matthewwhigham@mindsetconsulting.com if you have any comments or questions. 

Matthew Whigham

Matthew Whigham

Matthew Whigham is the Senior Product Developer at Mindset. He leverages his broad SAP technical experience to bring simple and effective products to market. His career began in ABAP development and quickly transitioned to SAPUI5 focused solutions. The user-experience is the primary focus of Matthew's application development and fits in really well with the Mindset Products mantra; Easy to use, easy to love.

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