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Mindset Team June 2021 Meetup in Minneapolis MN

Minneapolis MNAnnual Minneapolis MN Meetup

Sometime in May, Gavin, our company CEO sent an informal slack message to the employees, asking if we should all meetup in Minneapolis MN, in late June, for a Twins game. One reason to do this was that during the past year, the Mindset team grew in size significantly and with so many new team members, this would be a great  opportunity to connect. The other important reason was to bring in renewed energy and focus on the importance of in-person communication. We are in the business to solve client challenges with innovative solutions and this is best done when we can connect face-to-face. 

Needless to say, this idea got an overwhelmingly positive response. It was clear that everyone needed an opportunity to meet fellow Mindsetters in person. The technology Zoom afforded was very good to be able to function during these unprecedented times. But, it is no substitute for the effectiveness of an in-person meet.     In the ensuing weeks, this idea blossomed into a full-fledged event of a week’s worth of planned activities to provide folks the opportunity to build deep and trusting relationships. 

Goal to Build Deep and Trusted Relationships    

Every aspect of this week was centered around creating an environment Minneapolis MNwhere people can freely talk to each other, do something together of value that will help exude their personal side, and have an enriching experience that will shape all of us to continue on this road to keep collaborating, ideating, and start crafting the next chapter of Mindset together!

Yes, we did go to that Twins game and had a wonderful time at Target Field in Minneapolis MN. The ambiance on and off the field was truly magnificent. The energy flowing through the stadium was full of optimism, indicating that sense of normalcy that we all have been craving for so long.

The team event planned for the community project at The Bakken Museum was a perfect opportunity for the team to give back to the community while enjoying team camaraderie.  On their grounds, they have sprawling lawns and community gardens. We were assigned tasks by Chris,  the Director of Facilities, to assist with a variety of maintenance tasks to keep the grounds looking great, including tending gardens. It was a great afternoon to work together outside and  contribute to an organization which shares the passions and core values of Mindset.

Minneapolis MN

Human-centered approach to solving Customer challenges    

Like every life experience that helps us grow and do better, the activities we performed during the meetup have profoundly shaped us to be more human-centered in  everything we do for our customers – to solve business challenges with innovative solutions.   







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Dinesh Chhabra is a Principal Architect at Mindset. He is an accomplished leader and an expert SAP Solution Architect with a proven track record of successfully delivering SAP enabled solutions for over 25 years, helping customers realize benefits of the digital age. He has extensive industry experience in construction, solar energy, professional services, manufacturing, chemicals. He is a seasoned professional with expertise in the Finance and Accounting domain coupled with a strong background in SAP S/4HANA Finance

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