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The Mindset App Analyzer for SAP Fiori delivers a real-time view to your application performance with a customizable interface

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Mindset App Analyzer for SAP Fiori

Mindset’s App Analyzer for SAP Fiori is an SAP S/4HANA tile-based dashboard solution that offers organizational and IT leaders the ability to see real-time insights on the performance and usage of their SAP Fiori Applications.

Real-time Insights  

Mindset’s App Analyzer for SAP Fiori offers a customizable, tile-based configuration that offers a clear-view to how your Fiori application is performing in real-time.

Key data captured includes:

– The number of users on the system

– Browsers utilized

– Loading times

– Devices in use

– Most Active Users

– Global Activity

– Average Session Length

– Total User insights

– Top System Errors

Real-time awareness of their SAP Fiori performance gives organizations a new level of acuity to quickly solve performance issues or new insights to help prioritize your next set of updates.

Customized to you

Mindset’s App Analyzer offers an easily customizable tile-based view that allows you to reorder the information you want to see, and enlarge or minimize the tiles based on your needs.

It’s Free

At Mindset, we believe to the future is going to belong to companies that are able drive exceptional change by weaving a high degree of usability with the most powerful solution platforms. With hundreds of successful Fiori deployments in a wide array of industries, Mindset has long been recognized as a global expert at understanding and quickly interpreting unique business challenges and delivering advanced digital capabilities to help solve them.

As the nation’s leading UX and Design partner, Mindset is pleased to offer the base version of the Mindset App Analyzer for SAP Fiori completely free.

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