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Mindset Solutions Overview and Free download of Mindset’s App Analyzer for SAP Fiori

Introducing Mindset’s Newest Solution:

Mindset App Analyzer for SAP Fiori

Mindset’s App Analyzer for SAP Fiori is an SAP S/4HANA tile-based dashboard solution that offers organizational and IT leaders the ability to see real-time insights on the performance and usage of their SAP Fiori Applications.

Mindset App Analyzer

Real-time Insights  

Mindset’s App Analyzer for SAP Fiori offers a customizable, tile-based configuration that offers a clear-view to how your Fiori application is performing in real-time.

Key data captured includes:

– The number of users on the system

– Browsers utilized

– Loading times

– Devices in use

– Most Active Users

– Global Activity

– Average Session Length

– Total User insights

– Top System Errors

Real-time awareness of their SAP Fiori performance gives organizations a new level of acuity to quickly solve performance issues or new insights to help prioritize your next set of updates.

Customized to you

Mindset’s App Analyzer offers an easily customizable tile-based view that allows you to reorder the information you want to see, and enlarge or minimize the tiles based on your needs.

It’s Free

At Mindset we believe to the future is going to belong to companies that are able drive exceptional change by weaving a high degree of usability with the most powerful solution platforms. With hundreds of successful Fiori deployments in a wide array of industries, Mindset has long been recognized as a global expert at understanding and quickly interpreting unique business challenges and delivering advanced digital capabilities to help solve them.

As the nation’s leading UX and Design partner, Mindset is pleased to offer the base version of the Mindset App Analyzer for SAP Fiori completely free.

Click the button to Download:

The Mindset App Analyzer for SAP Fiori joins Mindset’s spectrum of acclaimed solutions for SAP

Mindset has made its reputation in understanding and quickly translating unique business challenges and delivering advanced digital capabilities to help solve them. With our next generation of solutions, Mindset’s new offerings provide a pathway for any organization to quickly deploy advanced SAP functionality and maximize their SAP investments sooner and more fully.

Mindset Fiori Solutions:

Mindset is launching its next generation of SAP Fiori focused solutions. Having deployed hundreds of Fiori projects in over a dozen industries, Mindset’s offering has been updated to help organizations bring their vision to life faster than they thought possible.

  • Development: We have taken our exceptional Agile process and enhanced it to tie even closer to the needs of the specific project design, resulting in a great product every time.
  • Human Centric Design: Mindset is about creating delightful experiences for people! Our high performing teams work to build roadmaps that correctly prioritize the actions to quickly meet your needs and then deliver the vision.
  • Ahead of the Curve: We have a mature development standard and an in-house knowledge base that is the envy of the industry. We have tried and tested all the latest and greatest tools and techniques. Our overwhelming client satisfaction rating speak to our commitment at helping our clients get ahead, and stay ahead. 

 More about Mindset’s Fiori Solutions HERE

Mindset S4/HANA Solutions:

Mindset’s S/4 Digital offering is a suite of services designed to keep your SAP S/4HANA transformation process moving forward quickly and inclusively.

  • S/4 Digital Advisory – Designed to answer the question “Where do I start”, Mindset’s process helps to identify the areas of your business most likely to be impacted by S/4, development of a Decision tree, Architecture recommendations, the impacts of emerging technologies and much more.
  • S/4 UX Implementation – For companies that have identified their priorities and want some outside assistance to help get there. Mindset Implementation team include S/4HANA UX Architects and functional UX resources to ensure both the development and the user experience are exceptional.
  • S/4 Agile Build: You know what you need and you know how to get there! Bring your S/4 transformation home with the Mindset Agile build support. Mindset can help you build the solution that you have mapped quickly utilizing the latest in Agile development best practices.

More about Mindset’s S/4HANA Solutions HERE

Mindset Cloud  Solutions:

Mindset’s Cloud Solutions are intended for organizations that want to better enable and expand functionality within a cloud or hybrid cloud deployment environment.

  • Hybrid Cloud Enablement – Enabling customers to quickly expose, secure and innovate on existing on-premise investments.
  • Partner Portals – Rapidly create and deploy websites that are accessible by Employees, Customers or Vendors and more easily expose customer business data.
  • Workforce Mobility – Enabling a workforce to accomplish more without being tied to a desk, using a mobile device to interact with SAP.
  • API and Microservices (Cloud Foundry) – Reuse or bring your own language to create microservices accessible on a single platform and controlling API access.
  • Cloud Integration – Integrate and manage API’s with other systems, products or partners.
  • Conversational AI – Enable Natural Language Processing between a chat bot or digital assistant of your choice and converse with you Enterprise Systems.

More about Mindset’s Cloud Solutions HERE

Mindset Design Solutions:

Mindset Design Solutions are a suite of service offerings designed to help organizations answer the question “Where do I start improving the user experience in my organization and how do I continuously improve?”

  • Mindset’s expanded Design Thinking solution offerings build on Mindset’s popular Design Thinking Workshops, a three week long service offering that has helped hundreds of clients zero in on a specific area to gain insights on the process, rapidly ideate potential solutions, and deliver a final prototype and project backlog. The typical Mindset process lasts three weeks, bringing together end users, business, and IT sponsors, to design an impactful solution, but can be scaled based on client requirements.
  •  The new offerings include Mindset’s UX Assessment where we work with your team to identify and prioritize areas for improvement and develop an actionable plan including a UX roadmap.

More about Mindset’s Design Solutions HERE

Mindset DevOps Solutions:

Designed for SAP development organizations this set of services is designed for development teams that are struggling to meet increasingly complex industry standard practices within the SAP development environment.

  • Assessment and Advisory Service – An expert view of your current capabilities and where you could go in the future.
  • SAP Development Improvement programs – Planning, coaching, and execution for SAP development teams focusing on newer methods designed to meet today’s demands and emerging projects.
  • Implementation services add-on – Technology and coaching support for Fiori and S/4 implementation projects run by Mindset.

More about Mindset DevOPs Solutions HERE

 Mindset Intelligent Enterprise:

If your organization is considering transformational solutions like machine learning, artificial intelligence or IoT, Mindset can help. Whether you are looking for ways to make your workforce more efficient, automate manual processes, groundbreaking customer experiences or finding new ways to define your future state, Mindset is ready to help with two steps designed to help you move miles ahead:

  • Discovery Service: Mindset’s proven series of steps designed to transform your organization’s activities into a road map. We help identify personas with the highest potential ROI from the utilization of transformational technologies including Machine Learning, Chatbots, Conversational AI, Co-Pilot, IoT and Analytics.
  • Innovation Service: Once you have identified where you want to go, it’s time to define, develop and deliver innovation enabled MVP use cases. Mindset helps cut through roadblocks to get to your high value technology enabled-future faster than you imagine possible.

More about Mindset Intelligent Enterprise Solutions HERE

 Mindset Design Lab Solutions

The Mindset Design Lab based in Minneapolis, Minnesota is an off-site leadership meeting space combined with creativity enhancement activities designed to inspire amazing potential from your development organization. The Mindset Design lab brings together three key components to help your team reach the highest levels of creativity:

  • Inspire: Designed by developers for developers to facilitate creative thinking. The Design Lab offers areas dedicated to both larger and smaller group team activities and development. Building on the creative space the DesignLab Meister works with you to help facilitate a day that you and your team will get the most value out of. We include creativity exercises that will engage your team and facilitate an environment of enhanced problem solving .
  • Innovate: The Design Lab offers the physical space and the technical wizardry to kick off new initiative, form exploring new methodologies to developing Advanced Proof of Concepts. This especially fots groups that need to expand into new SAP technology areas but don’t have the in-house staff with the requisite skills.
  • Invent: Use Mindset’s Design Lab for a couple days of deep diving on a small story or schedule the Design Lab for a week to solve larger challenges. Come with creative energy, leave with a hi-res prototype and a set of Agile stories ready for action.

More about the Mindset Design Lab HERE



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