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Mindset Consulting LLLC turns ten!

Mindset Consulting LLC turns ten on September 8th!  I’ve been with Mindset for almost exactly 4 years now. I thought that these coinciding anniversaries were a great excuse for me to talk a little bit about why I’ve enjoyed my time here so much, and why I’m really looking forward to the future with Mindset.

We have truly extraordinary people

This is admittedly a bit of a cliche way to start, but it’s true.  Our delivery team runs the gamut within SAP – architects, developers, designers, functional experts, and project leads – and is complemented by the best recruiting, sales, marketing, and support team that you could imagine. Even though we’re still a relatively small organization (but growing fast – have you met one of our newest employees, Paru, who’s going to be leading our international office and our products strategy?), we have a crazy smart team of people who are all rowing in the same direction.

We have a strong vision 

Speaking of rowing in the same direction, we’re all bought into the mission – we make SAP beautiful and easy to use.  This could mean leveraging our Design Thinking + Custom Development practice to improve the user experience with existing functionality, or it could mean ensuring that your next SAP implementation goes smoothly and focuses on delivering a great experience to your users.

Our capabilities are growing with us 

As we continue to grow and add amazing talent, we can solve even more complex problems.  From our humble roots as a design / R&D lab led by Gavin at a local retailer, we have built an organization that can confidently take on large-scale, international implementation projects on behalf of the largest SAP customers.

We love what we do 

Maybe the thing that sums everything else up:  our team is truly passionate, and loves solving really hard problems.  This passion is what allows us to set ourselves apart with our customers. And, create raving fans that love to get on stage with us to tell other people about the amazing things we’ve created.  It’s also what’s allowed us to continue to be successful and grow despite extraordinary challenges within our current economy.

Personally, Mindset Consulting LLC has provided me with opportunities to do more with my career than I could have imagined.  I’ve been able to grow a delivery organization, and participate directly in the plans to define Mindset’s vision and future. Further, I have been able to take on completely new challenges as lead of the sales team.

So, if you already know Mindset, or if you’re just discovering us, I’d love to catch up! Please join me in wishing Mindset Consulting LLC a happy 10th anniversary.


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Luke Van Epern oversees the Solutions Delivery practice at Mindset, following 12+ years of experience implementing enterprise software solutions at large IT companies in the Twin Cities. He uses the perspective he gained as a member of "Big IT" to help Mindset's customers find ways to disrupt their status quo, and to build a delivery organization that can regularly exceed customer expectations.

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