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Mindset “hearts” the Minneapolis North Loop

People who’ve spent any time with the team at Mindset usually notice right away that we have this “thing” for delivering remarkable experiences. Our passion for helping our clients better use technology to reinvent the fabric of their interactions with their employees and customers is an integral part of the Mindset DNA.  So much so, that our passion for reinvention extends to the part of Minneapolis that Mindset calls home.

Mindset is headquartered in a section of Minneapolis known as the North Loop. As few as twenty years ago the area was unceremoniously known as the Warehouse district. Today, what was once a neglected and vacant section of Minneapolis has been transformed through the exceptional refurbishment of old warehouses and factories into a dense, mixed-use community. With many creative and tech firms having gravitated to the repurposed warehouse spaces, the energy of the area is a great match for the Mindset mindset.  Mindset’s current home is in the Tractorworks building which began its life over a hundred years ago as an enormous Deere and Weber facility, making sleighs and carriages and farm implements for the pioneers of the Midwest. As much as the area is recognized for its funky hip vibe, my favorite aspect of the Mindset experience is sitting at my desk, knowing I am just the latest in a multi-generation legacy of workers who have used this space to try and deliver their best work, except now it’s to help today’s business pioneers use technology and innovation to race ahead now.

Aside from its now Nationally Registered Historic district surroundings, the one other thing that makes the North Loop a perfect fit for Mindset is the food. The dining includes a mind-boggling and budget-busting array of destination dining options interspersed with one of a kind casual offerings. Ordering in lunch or participating in a workshop at Mindset is never an ordinary experience.

Come visit us! Experience the North Loop and Mindset for yourself. The Mindset Apphaus is open every Friday allowing all parts of the SAP community to come in (for free) to innovate and network with others in the SAP community.  In addition SAP will be holding a UX forum in Minneapolis on September 12th. More details can be found on our event page.

Plan your next visit to Mindset and see how it inspires your next major transformation!

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Amy McNeil Lund leads Marketing for Mindset. Charged with all aspects of the marketing strategy and tactical execution, she has a passion for delivering marketing programming that is deeply relevant to employees, prospects, customers and influencers. More about Amy can be found at

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