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Mindset Field Report from Germany: Defining the future of the SAP AppHaus Network

I’m currently in the midst of a two-week trip around the world (literally – we’re going to circumnavigate the globe :-) ) to continue to drive Mindset’s goal of delivering remarkable experiences to SAP users forward. 

I’ve got three primary objectives on this trip:

  1. Connect with our customers in international locations to build and grow our partnerships.
  2. Discuss and plan the future of the AppHaus network with SAP and other members of the network.
  3. Continue to build and strengthen our development centers in India for the expansion and scale required to meet our customers’ needs.

For this particular blog, I’d like to focus on #2, as we’ve recently completed an inspiring and exhausting two-day workshop to take the first steps on creating a cohesive vision for the SAP AppHaus.

Gavin Quinn, Paul Modderman, and I all arrived at the airport in Frankfurt at about 9am local time and headed straight down the autobahn to Heidelberg to jump into the working session graciously hosted at the original AppHaus.  Over the two days, there were countless heated discussion and some truly incredible collaboration. Throughout those discussions, one thing became abundantly clear: the passion that Mindset has for generating remarkable experiences for users of enterprise software is shared by like-minded partners from across the globe.

Passion is a good start, but we’re all in the business of execution, as well.  That’s what the core of the conversations were meant to address. During these two days, we defined a starting point from which we can grow the SAP AppHaus network from a set of independently effective design labs across the globe to a coordinated, consistent, transformational network that will truly disrupt the way our customers think of and experience SAP.

How?  We’ll share best practices, and learn from one another’s successes and failures.  We’ll drive a consistency of approach so that our customers are guaranteed to benefit from the best that each of us have to offer.  Finally, and potentially most importantly, we’ll ensure that everyone at SAP has a clear understanding and appreciation for the disruptive experience that an AppHaus engagement has to offer, leading to even more customers getting the opportunity to enjoy the benefits.

SAP AppHaus NetworkMindset is honored to be the first and only AppHaus network partner located in the United States.  We’ve been executing in that space for just over a year. The feedback on how the space and our design experts have transformed our customers’ experiences has been universally positive.  Following this week’s working session, one other thing has been abundantly clear; we’re just getting started, and the best is yet to come.

Contact us to use the Mindset Design Lab, a member of the SAP AppHaus network, for your next design-led engagement in Minneapolis.



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Luke Van Epern oversees the Solutions Delivery practice at Mindset, following 12+ years of experience implementing enterprise software solutions at large IT companies in the Twin Cities. He uses the perspective he gained as a member of "Big IT" to help Mindset's customers find ways to disrupt their status quo, and to build a delivery organization that can regularly exceed customer expectations.

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