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Meet Teched DemoJam Finalists Ravi and Vikas

With TechEd 2023 around the corner, the excitement is palpable. Mindset has much to look forward to, especially with two of our colleagues being chosen as finalists at this year’s DemoJam. 

I am pleased to introduce Ravi Kant Ranjan and Vikas Jangra.

Ravi and Vikas submitted their innovative food app proposal at the eleventh hour with little hope of being considered because they feared they were too close to the deadline. But the brilliance of their app shone through, and here we are. 

I sat down with the two of them to understand the motivation behind their application this year and what prompted them to apply for DemoJam 2023.

K: “Hi Ravi, Vikas. Congratulations on being selected as one of the finalists at DemoJam 2023. Tell me, how did you come up with the app idea?”

V: “Two months back, we had a wellness session as part of Mindset’s employee wellness initiative. This session was conducted by a professional who spoke about the essentials of a healthy diet and overall lifestyle. We learned various aspects of the diet –  what we should and should not consume, different nutrients, their role in our body, etc.

We also learned about the importance of a balanced and healthy diet and how to determine the appropriate quantity of nutrients our body needs. This inspired us, and we decided to scale this idea to transform it into a digital solution with the help of the latest in SAP technology.”

R: “When we go to a restaurant, we are not aware of the nutrients & recipes that go into our food order. Our application will redefine the fine dining experience, providing full details of what has gone into the order and more.

Our idea is to help the food industry where people can select the dish based on their food preferences and diet.”


K: “And what prompted you to apply for DemoJam?”

R: “Coincidentally, the DemoJam application guidelines were announced just as we came up with this idea for the food app. So, there was no better platform to showcase our idea based on different SAP technologies & GenAI. And SAP TechEd is BIG! That in itself was a big motivation for us to demo this idea in front of a large audience. “


K: “Yes, of course! And how did you both come to partner on this?”

V: “This year, Ravi started exploring and learning about Generative AI & LLM integration with SAP BTP and shared his learning with all of us. Simultaneously, as a part of Mindset’s BTP team, we were working on customer POCs in low-code/no-code. So, the team encouraged us to dive deeper into this food app idea and send in our application. We were so thrilled when we got selected. Collaborating with Ravi and implementing all our shared knowledge into this solution has been great.”


K: “Tell me how you both reacted when you found out you were one of the finalists this year!”

R: “Honestly, it was unexpected and surprising for us to get selected as finalists for DemoJam. After the announcement, we were excited, to say the least, and shared this news with all our colleagues at Mindset. We were so excited that even though it was late evening, we immediately aligned with our team and started planning the next steps. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve got!”


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