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Make a Long Term Hiring Plan

Dear Hiring Manager,

We’ve had a great relationship for years — providing key resources quickly, one by one, with experience and appropriate rates. One thing that could really benefit you is sitting down together and making a plan. This helps us both in the long run. Here’s why:

You Do Your Job, I’ll Do Mine

Let’s face it: you’re overloaded. Now you need to add hiring to that mix? Think of the time it takes to just get a job posted – internal approvals to hire, a date you need the person in the door, collecting position requirements, writing job descriptions…and all of this before interviews!  All these things take time away from your day to day responsibilities. Sure, putting a hiring plan together will also take time on the front end – but if you partner with us we can help share these responsibilities, and let you get back to doing your job!

Better Candidates

On the front end, one of the biggest sourcing hurdles is making sure we have the right role information so that we can provide candidates. Sit down with us and really dig into what you need – required experience, certifications, hard and soft skills. With that information, we can provide a better candidate the first time. The better we know the role, the better candidates you see. No more wasted time on bad apples.

Money Talks

Planning your hiring needs together helps us see the bigger picture and be better long-term partners.  With this, we can lower or bundle our rates knowing that we will have more qualified opportunities to work on in the future.  

Proactive Is Better Than Reactive

Having a hiring plan laid out will also help us be prepared for your needs.  If we know what roles you need to be filled and your timeline on filling them, we can have candidates ready for you.  Think of this – instead of you calling us and walking through what it is you need, us starting our search, screening candidates, checking references,  etc – we have all the pre-work done. You call us and say, “Who do you have ready for me to review?” We have profiles, availability, and agreed upon rates ready to go. This can save weeks!

There is a real opportunity for us to partner as consulting firms and hiring managers. Sure, the way we do it now works, but it has room for improvement. By working together we give you back your money – and your time.


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