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LinkedIn Profile Tips & Tricks

Whether you are job seeking or not, and whether you are an SAP professional or not, it is important to keep your LinkedIn profile on point!  As a recruiter, I use LinkedIn daily when searching for candidates and communicating with them.  Candidates with strong profiles are always who I want to reach out to first.  Additionally, LinkedIn is a social network, and it can be a great tool to stay in touch with your professional network and stay in the know on companies/people that you follow.


Here are my top tips for a strong LinkedIn profile and presence:

  • Updated, professional photo- a professional photo is more likely to get clicked on by recruiters, and if someone in your network is trying to find you, a picture helps immensely!
  • Summary statement- use this opportunity to tell your story (briefly) and share your voice.
  • Updated information- make sure your work experience is up to date and that it relates to your career.  If you’re job seeking, add in keywords from job descriptions that you’re interested in.  Recruiters use keyword searches a lot, so set yourself up to be found!
  • Get recommendations and endorsements- ask your references and professional colleagues to write recommendations for you or endorse you for your skills.  Do the same for them!  These strengthen your profile, and terms used in these sections will also come up in searches.  A candidate with multiple strong recommendations is automatically more attractive to recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Stay active and engaged!  LinkedIn is a social network, so post relevant professional content, like and comment on other posts, and respond to messages when it makes sense!
  • Showcase your work- depending on your line of work, this can be really great.  You can add the link to your portfolio and examples of your work to your profile.
  • Follow companies that you’re interested in- this is a fantastic way to get the latest information about them.
  • Complete all the sections of your profile- again, this makes your profile more likely to come up in searches.  It also helps anyone looking at your profile to understand you and your background more.


Best of luck with your LinkedIn updating!


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Libby Kessler is the Director of Recruiting at Mindset with over 9 years of technical recruiting experience. She loves being a part of a growing organization in the SAP space, and she enjoys building relationships and working with the SAP talent community. Libby recruits for the Consulting Services Team, the Solutions Team, and internally for Mindset. Outside of work, she is a new mama to her son, Carter. She loves spending time with friends and family, yoga, and getting outside!

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