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Let’s Grab Lunch!

Minneapolis, what a great market to work in an SAP role! There are several very large SAP implementations going on in the Twin Cities right now, numerous companies are investing in digital transformation and innovation, and the unemployment rate is very low! We are truly in a workforce market and that is awesome, but what about the managers that are tasked to have their massive project completed by a deadline that seems nearly impossible.

Every morning I start my day off by looking at what companies are looking to add SAP talent to their teams through a LinkedIn job search. Last week there was a total of 257 new full-time and contract roles posted in the greater Minneapolis – St. Paul Area.  Today alone there were 39 new roles.

To anyone reading this that is currently looking to build out a team, I am sorry if I just gave you anxiety – don’t worry, I do have a solution.

Let’s grab lunch.

Yes, it will pull you away from the office for a little bit, but I am guessing the break from work will be needed and I can help. Even if you have no immediate needs, walk me through your roadmap for the year, what are the big project, where have the struggles been, where do you see gaps, what are your timelines, what happens if someone on your team quits, etc. The lunch will also give me a chance to get to know more about your current team and how they all operate together. I often tell my clients the hardest part of filling a role is to find the right culture fit and lunch will help with this as well.

We all want to be proactive in our roles and solve problems before they occur. Lunch is a great place to start. After lunch, I will make a plan on building a candidate pool of passive job seekers, start screening candidates, and get a candidate pool ready. When the time comes that you need someone yesterday, I will have someone ready to keep your projects running on time!

So, as I said above, let’s grab lunch!


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Aaron Brasket is leading account management, client satisfaction, and expansion at Mindset and has recently relocated to Denver, Colorado! He is responsible for creating a remarkable experience for Mindset’s Western clients through Staffing, SAP design and custom development, and SAP implementations. Aaron offers both clients and candidates exceptional
professional service and the most ethical values in executive search. He also really values building and establishing relationships not only with Mindset’s Consulting Services team, but with all clients in the SAP community. When Aaron is not working, you can find him with his girlfriend Kelsey in the great outdoors camping, hiking, fishing, or playing with Doug, their Bernedoodle!

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