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Let’s do this: Gain Immediate Value from SAP’s Cloud Platform

When I was recently asked what SAP customers could do to gain immediate value from SAP Cloud Platform as the product seemed to be very technical in nature. I thought the question was interesting because I was simultaneously helping one of my customers implement what I thought was the answer to this very question.  To me, SAP Cloud Platform’s value is providing a place to allow SAP Customers to respond to ever-changing business requirements faster, rapidly integrate both SAP on-premise and Cloud assets, expose business processes over the internet without the need for VPN. In particular, this customer has the type of IT Organization that wanted to check all of these boxes.

In addition, I planned on showcasing some of these capabilities in a Colorado ASUG chapter meeting. I chose to show how an Administrator and a developer might interact with SAP Cloud Platform’s Portal service to create a Fiori Launchpad site on Portal and deploy a custom application.  The audience immediately had questions along the way and one of the participants asked me what was the value of just having a website on SAP Cloud Platform vs On-Premise. I asked him to think about a scenario where he asked his IT Department for the budget, infrastructure, and knowledge to safely access SAP data and expose it on a website on the internet. There was a bit of laughter, and heads shaking up and down.

In my upcoming hands-on webinar, I will go through these steps for an administrator to provision a Portal Fiori Launchpad and the activities for a developer to configure and publish a SAPUI5 application on the Launchpad. At the end of the presentation, we will share a document that enables participants to perform the same steps on their own. Please join me on December 10 at 11 am CST,  to see how easy all of this really can be.




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