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Interview With Mindset’s Deepika Parmar & Poonam Nikat on their key takeaways from a session with SAP’s Bert Oliver Schulze and his insights on the S/4HANA Cloud Transformation Journey

SAP recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and, over the last five decades, has been setting new benchmarks for operational excellence. At the core of this innovation journey, today is SAP S/4HANA Cloud transformation. 

Bert Oliver Schulze, VP, SAP & responsible for S/4HANA Product Success, visited our Mindset office in Bangalore recently & engaged in an enlightening session on the S/4HANA Cloud Transformation journey.  

In this blog, I am in conversation with Deepika Parmar, Sr. Developer, and Poonam Nikat, Sr. Security Consultant at Mindset Consulting, to discuss their key takeaways from the session with Bert. 

In conversation with Deepika Parmar, Sr. Developer at Mindset Consulting 

Q: How was your experience meeting Bert? 

A: I’m grateful to the Mindset Consulting team in India for arranging this interactive session with Bert. It was engaging and informative as the discussions were around SAP S/4HANA Cloud advancements, the latest projects & its future. 

Q: Could you summarize Bert’s session on S/4HANA’s Cloud Transformation journey?

A: Of course! The discussion revolved around the scope of the S/4HANA Cloud transformation journey and the future of business innovation. Additionally, Bert talked about tech transformation for SAP customers. Further, it gave way to a discussion around ABAP, the SAP HORIZON theme in FIORI & SAP BTP offerings.

 Q: How do you see Mindset benefitting from SAP’s innovation journey?

A:  Mindset Consulting specializes in solving client pain points. We use design thinking to adopt a creative strategy for resolving these issues. For our clients, our main priority is extending exceptional customer experiences. Better still, when we can offer innovation to the mix.

Bert generously offered his support to our staff & was incredibly motivating. Further, with the advice and instruction we get from the SAP team, Mindset will be better able to deliver excellent CX (Customer Experience).

The crucial lesson I took away from this session was the sequence of actions we must do in order to undergo a digital transformation moreover, if your company is in danger of losing its futuristic technological insight.

In conversation with Poonam Nikat, Sr. Security Consultant at Mindset Consulting  

Q: What are your key takeaways from your discussion with Bert? 

A: The topic of discussion was how SAP S/4HANA & Fiori coordinate on customization requests (custom reports, tables, or other RICEF objects) and how particular cloud features are pre-built to satisfy business needs. Therefore, there aren’t many requests for alterations usually. However, there are tools (ABAP lite) to support you with modifications for just about any custom objects. It is more relatable to an eclipse tool with embedded ABAP in a developer’s language. The main point of Bert’s presentation was the improvement of BTP in SAP S/4HANA Cloud. 

The main point of Bert’s presentation was the improvement of BTP in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud atmosphere. Along with API development, it also supports and improves a variety of clients.

Q: Were there any surprising elements in your discussion with Bert?  

A: Yes! He talked about one of the implemented projects and finished in about 70 days! According to Bert, the customer’s success depends mainly on their ability to comprehend the project. More with regard to its procedural needs, though. However, customers who clearly describe the requirements benefit from the innovation by having a better design experience and requiring less rework.

The infrastructure setup leverages speed and accuracy in implementation time. SAP S/4HANA on the cloud is similar to SaaS (Software as a Service). Therefore, the maintenance, installation, and other security requirements proceed without difficulty.

The main goal of SAP’s cloud technology is customer success. Here, you can use digital transformation to spread corporate innovation across the SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS platforms. Further, if you want to move to the cloud and set your business operations as a class apart, keep your mind and ideas open to an agile approach. 

Mindset Consulting, the Right Mindset Changes Everything! 

S/4HANA Cloud

After Bert’s presentation, the Mindset Consulting, India team shared its core principles and LOB navigation with Bert’s team. Parvathy Sankar, Managing Director of Mindset Consulting, India & Sesha Rajkumar, Scrum Master at Mindset Consulting, India, walked the group through Mindset’s Solutions, products, and vision.  

Our design thinking approach focuses on delivering exceptional CX. Our product strategy follows the steps below to provide customers with an exceptional user experience.  

Explore & Discover – In the initial stages of the projects, we delve into fact-finding through workshops. Additionally, we interact with users and all other stakeholders to gain a deeper understanding of their problems and concerns. 

Design – The design thinking methodology here is built on a safe and scalable architecture to unlock true business potential. Further, our design thinking specialists collaborate with different stakeholders to brainstorm other prototype ideas to arrive at the ideal solution for the business.    

Deliver  – From ASAP, Activate to Scrum, Mindset Consulting delivers complex digital projects on SAP. (Agile/Scrum DevOps Continuous Design). We handhold our clients while walking them through the prototypes and ensuring the solution alleviates specific pain points.  

ManageThe tools and our unique processes identify the next great thing to build. Additionally, Mindset manages KPIs discovered and agreed upon during Design Thinking. 

S/4HANA Cloud

Mindset is an SAP UX Consulting company. Further, at its core, we bring together people, technology, accelerators & experience. The accelerators (pre-built software) are used to build expertise through integrations & digital platforms.  

In conclusion, Bert’s visit to our Bangalore office has been enlightening and has brought quite a few more insights into the successful Customer partnership journey. 

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