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How are you?

A question we automatically ask nearly everyone we meet. But do we really pay attention to the response we receive? Are we being empathetic and trying to understand how the person is really feeling or what emotions are hidden behind the smile they shower you with? On this World Mental Health Day, let us all take a pledge to take a step towards helping someone who is struggling and needs our support. Let’s look at a few ways we can do that and help out a loved one in need

Lend Me Your Ears, Give Me a Hand!

We are all too busy to stop and look back, to smile, to pat someone’s back, say hi or even, to listen. Lending a helping hand and a compassionate mind should work in tandem so the other person can easily understand, feel comfortable and come out of their little shell to accept it. In all aspects of our lives, whether it’s our professional lives or relationships, we need someone to listen, understand and empathize. Listening to another person isn’t a job just for experts, but we all can listen. It is not always about providing a solution or advice. Just listening will go a long way in helping a person even if that may be momentary.

Let’s Workout!

Don’t get me wrong. I have no intention to suggest workout routines for biceps and laps, but something I would definitely recommend is physical fitness for all. After all, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. We all are eager to drop weight, reduce those extra inches, glowing skin and beautiful hair. But aren’t we all forgetting one part of our body called the mind? It’s the most complex , unpredictable and there is no existing instrument that can measure and analyse what is going on in there. Given this, we are responsible for maintaining a healthy mind. While we can go to the gym to work on our physical fitness, we can treat our mind with yoga, and meditation. If these are tough, watch some cartoons with friends, kids or your partner. Have a good laugh. Laughing out loud is  known to be an excellent form of release. It’s a rat race out there, don’t worry – we will all reach there at our own pace.

Once Upon a Time..

“It’s all dark out there” , “I feel low”, “I just need  to cry”. If you have heard these before, then you have encountered someone asking for help. I happen to have a lovely friend going through a tough time, always gloomy, no energy and for that person it was loneliness, darkness and despair. You know what made the person come out of it? Regular chats, bean bags, comfort food and Netflix. I still remember, the person went home feeling happy and bright.

We All Care.

I believe we all care for each other but just find it difficult to express. Our mind is unique, far more than our fingerprints. So, take care of it, pamper it and never forget to ask for help because there are people out there who love, care and are always ready to help. All you have to do is ask.

In view of the growing incidence of mental illness , particularly in these  trying times of COVID-19, the Central Government in India has launched the Mental Health Rehabilitation helpline ‘KIRAN’ and can be reached on 1800-599-0019. If you’re in Bangalore, the pioneering institution that offers stellar support to mental health patients is NIMHANS. It’s a great place with a lot of bright minds. 


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